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For Miss An to Becky to Karen. Our very own Karen Napa Karen Karen. Grigsby Bates shares the evolution of the nickname for a certain kind of white woman I'm looking forward to the next iteration. I want my name back. That's coming up on NPR's code. Switch. We're speaking with Christine Mantra she is a clinical psychiatrist and she has a new book about the damage prison. Life does to mental health and how things might change. It's called waiting for an echo the madness of American incarceration. You know one of the things I can imagine people saying as well. Maybe this works in Norway, but American us. Society is so different. Norway is thought of as being more ethnically homogeneous and probably. Having a fewer inequities in the distribution of wealth and income, so that you don't have these huge, terribly poor struggling communities, which make it harder sometimes for people to rebuild their lives when they get out of prison, I don't know what about that are Scandinavian countries just in a better position to undertake this kind of change well, there's no question that's candidate in countries are smaller than America right. There's no. There's no question about that, but to me. It was very interesting to think about Scandinavian countries compared to American States and the reality is that prison business is conducted really on a state by state level, so policy decisions about state, jails and prisons are really made. Made within the states, so you can see quite a bit of difference from one state to the next in terms of prison, conditions, prison policies sentencing trends all those kinds of things, so it was useful to me to begin to think about how the experiment of prison approach like that in Norway could be transferred to our states, and so that was one of the frames that I used to think about those very differences that you raise, and again I found those differences to be somewhat overblown, so as an example, the population of Norway around five point three million people, so that puts it just smaller than Colorado and Minnesota just larger than South Carolina and Alabama so. In the realm of state of our states, the population of Oslo is similar to the population of Nashville numbers wise. So then I. When I saw that I thought all right well, so let's compare American city to Norwegian city and I looked really closely at the demographics. are in Nashville. Nashville is sixty percent white Oslo. Is Seventy percent native Norwegian? That's not a gigantic difference..

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