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Oh gosh, you know, I'm not much on speeches, but it's so gratifying to leave you wallowing in the Mets. You've made your screwed. Thank you. Bye. H, right? He ain't my John speeches. Best what he's ever all right for those of you who are angry. Actually, you know, was the listener because I've had a couple of the ones that we left off are going to be on their list. Explain why I never five that thing you do. That's good. Good on. I couldn't find a clip long enough to actually get back. And I remember the the singing all this in part, but I couldn't remember what lent up to it. Yeah, it was a long just aiding. Yeah. Could find with us on part on on you to number four, Jennifer, Aniston's character and office space. One of the most obvious ones I all I initially had on my list, but like I knew the listeners have it on there and I wanted to have we pay a lot of love that movie. It's a great scene may be one of the best acquaintance of all time. Number three, the narrator in fight club. He's getting fired. He wants. He's he's showing himself out. He's explaining how he can work from home and but yeah, it kinda goes both ways. Number two is an interesting one. James mcevoy's character in wanted. Yeah, great scene. That was a very visual too. I liked that movie. Yeah, underrated they were being very flashy edited well and I and I love his relationship with that boss and he talks about something that's quite obvious to a lot of people, but never really discussed. And that's like fuck had bosses a lotta times just because they got bullied in seventh. Eighth grade doesn't mean that gets take on everyone run hairs. And he hits young, Chris Pratt in the face with the keyboard through says, fuck you, Chris, Pratt. And then, yeah. Chris Pratt, that's right. Deli. And the number one quitting seen as voted on by our listeners sparring away is Scarface in half baked. That is great. A great. A can't believe in American Beauty is not on the list. I'm I'm a little bit upset that I didn't have on my list now. Actually, that would be number six. Great. Fucking scene. Made the argument with rationally my number one until earlier today. And I'm like, now it's going to be on the listener's list price Brian's list here it is. Great. So it opens up with his boss, actually reading the his. He was tasked with the, he had to pretty much defend his job, his job. They're looking to lay people off and he had to defend his jobs and ads sales guy. And he's essentially his boss exactly what he did, which was fuck off all off to the men's room to masturbate. Yeah, and it's great because his boss, it's just like the open while dream dreaming Dreaming of of better life. something less than hell. It was so good. This whole case, but comes basic thing with pumping the fist at the end seem weird, especially with him. Actually, it's kinda look forward to play the clip of him. You know, threatening with the blow blowjob accusation. Let you loamy such a great seem a little disappointed that didn't get its do. I guess it is right now. Won't be on that stone that which is lease into the one that I didn't find any list that I wanted to put on very visual. The scene where Dennis Hayes Berg quits in heat. Remember he's the parolee who's like doing the flipping burgers shitty boss, yes. He gives up the job to the wheel mate and dozen well for them. Wanna put that on there..

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