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That's the way it go. But but again, he the next play keep tolls off the interception or should I say Jared Goff through him the interception because geared Goff had drawn Harmon rightness face it. He just threw it up for grabs to the point. I believe I could have made that intersection believe a lot of people could have because it just hung up in the air for nobody brain cooks didn't even look back for the ball, and Stefan Gilmore, I got this. And it was a pretty simple interception. If he had pulled off the pivotal pick six that one the. You got me. Right. But again, the five tackles I'll bet four of them were on brain and cooks after he caught the ball. But here's here's the thing. Though. Skip all the vaunt in Bonn had two and a half sacks to force Formby DeMarcus ware had a couple of sex believe Jackson had sex also. So it wasn't like the deepest. Both ward he had a pig. A force a fumble recovery. Like, the deepest play shabby. But I just think in a game of this magnitude skill because you said it yourself you said element dropped a pass. He had seven catches for what ninety yards in the first half three in the first half three balls in the second half. Okay. So what happens in the voting their fins me because I really care about who wins Indy. P and Super Bowl is prestigious it. It matters. Yes, I care to a fault about it, some people's no it matter. Do you realize twenty percent of the final voting comes from the fans in Jim Nance announced going into the fourth quarter? Polls are open who's your MVP? The game is not remotely decided yet because it's still three to read in the thing. He'll skip the rules stipulate every voter not defense you can vote. But if something transpired late in the ball game, you can change your vote as the media. Right. Right, right. You could start boating in the fourth quarter. But they're gonna come ask you in the middle of the fourth quarter sometime your where you leaning right element. And then you start typing your deadline game story. And all sudden, you're like, I don't know I'll stick with element, right? When you think with four minutes left a ballgame guy gets an interception snuffs out of drought..

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