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Ever. Esteem of the week. Clemson Obama four if you don't like this game. That's not a college football problem. It's not a Clemson problem. It's not an Alabama problem. It's a problem, right? All season long. There has been zero doubt been hard sock that these are the best two teams in college football. Now, we get a chance to see if it lives up to the hype of another great national championship game in which the other two times that they have met for a title. It has been it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts. I feel strongly about this game and believe it or not. Yeah. Right. Because I think just how we thought are a lot of people believed in the media that Alabama Oklahoma is going to be a good game was not because they actually looked at the match ups is because they wanted it to be a good game. They wanted Cuyler Murray to be fantastic. They wanted Lincoln Riley offense to be great, guess what? Alabama could have put up whatever number. It wanted against Oklahoma headed dot tried to play keep away after beamed up twenty eight nothing. And while everyone's saying that this is going to be a great game. I don't doubt it's about two great teams. But there is not one position group. Not one advantage that Clemson has over Alabama. And while I'm baffled that this line continues to move to favor Clemson to now there are only about four and a half point favorite when they should honestly be at least a ten point dog because once again. Alabama can put up whatever number they want. And they will come Monday night. Clemson has a position group advantage a clean D line is the best deal line in college football. But the problem is it's it's a position group that is not influential enough to be able to overcome the other areas of Alabama. Now the, but however without Dexter Lawrence. And now that he got popped for the PD's or at least tested positive, even though you're saying that it was traced results in error in had. He really wasn't taking steroids him and the other three players. I will say this. I don't see that being that big of a advantage over Alabama's offensive line Albert Huggins the guy that replaced him in a year from now we'll be talking about how incredible and what a high draft pick Huggins is going to be. So I'm not worried about I'm not worried about my thing with Alabama. Clemson four is Alabama Clemson is chick filet Chick-fil-A. Is incredible. And I like it the struggle for me is when I first I wanted to win and I wanted Notre Dame to win because I wanted something different. But here's what it is. I've got Chick-fil-A. I still like it you you can't burn me out. But the problem is after if I four days straight. I'm ready. I and Wendy's I will tell you this. I will I will order Chick-fil-A late on a Saturday night. If for no other reason, so I just have it on Sundays because I can't. You don't eat it every meal anything you eat every meal of the week. Eventually it wears itself, by the way. No, not Chick-fil-A. Again. I I see what you're saying. What you're saying Ben heart sock? Peter burns your on best week ever. What you're saying? Is that people will eventually get sick of Clemson, Alabama. You're gonna get sick of the brands, and I totally get that you're going to get sick that it's another southern team or southeastern team in that part of the region a regionalized game per se, but if you are true college football fan, if you're a Michigan fan listening to us right right now if you're a Southern Cal fan, right? If you're an Iowa Hawkeye fans, listen to us on ESPN radio at the end of the day. You like the sport of college football. It is the chick fillet, and I get that. And I I'm okay with that. But but why are we excited about the NFL playoffs this year because the influx of new young quarterbacks because it's not the same cast. It's not Aaron Rodgers. It's not Peyton Manning. Okay. Like, there's there's just an element where you just grow a little bit tired of it. And I like you I'm a college football fan. And so I'm excited about the best teams. They undoubtedly were they were preseason wanted to and they're going to the championship. And that is all good. But I think people would be a little bit more excited, and I'm not even into the east coast west coast. I'm not into we've got to get the west coast interest. They're like I haven't checked to see what tech ticket prices where they got to as low as one hundred and ten dollars on stubhub the other day. But that's not because the west coast doesn't have a team in it. That's because the west coast doesn't care about football that much. Well, I think that's a factor in historically low ticket prices. I also believe the fact that you listen Levi stadium in people call it San Fran it Santa Clara is in the middle of some futuristic business park that has zero character to it whatsoever. And the fact that if you're a Clemson and Alabama fan eight you spend a lot of money traveling to see these teams play over the last couple seasons. Right. You've also it's not an easy flight to get to that point hotel rooms or an absolute disaster because conventions are going on. That's why you're going to see not you won't see empty seats. I don't believe for this game. But this has nothing to do with the health of college football or the health of the sport because the ticket prices because it's on the west coast. If this games played in Indianapolis, packed Dallas. It's absolutely packed. And however because of where they are in the country, Texas fans would fill that stadium. Midwestern fans would fill that stadium the west coast. It's too nice. There's too many things going on. It's just not there's a lot of players that come out of California. But it's it's in those pockets of of football. There's a lot of players that plan California, but Californians in general, the west coast in general, it's nice. I just took a big giant road trip this summer to the mountains in the west coast. And and saw that it's incredible. I see why they don't play a lot of football there because they're too busy outside looking at these spectacular mountains, we're getting closer and closer to it being. And we may already be there it being the power for Inca input in football conferences, as opposed to the power five in in the Pac twelve not being a part of that. That's straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G L T E networks hit us up on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed other songs that are coming in highway to the danger. Zone by top gun is one of those songs you recognize that. It's also got the Berlin. Naughty seem. Yes that one as well too. And we had this own come in from Steve Steve frizz and Scott Nelson on here on Twitter at Peter Verne's ESPN says how about I'm alright from Caddyshack. That's one for that. That song. Hating audit heart sock before I punch you. Just stop just stop hating. These songs that you also think the negotiators a better movie than the than the departed. Okay. You think back Prescott is universally loved. He should be he should be because he's a darn good. We both made mistakes. The guy is a duck is area. And he's going to join us in studio. He's going to tell me why I am one hundred percent, right. Why Alabama trances Clemson come Monday night? And also talk a little NFL news and notes as well. To greatest better the week ever comes up next in studio with Doug kazarian, Peter burns been hard sock. Best week ever on ESPN radio. Just a few plays that you have to make.

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