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I already wrote it down as a k must be for him to be west of the mississippi like pittsburgh cleveland pittsburgh is rested and it's a separate while it is in our map bill no whereas from uh ed near philadelphia suburb of philadelphia adding oh that's east of the mississippi yeah well nickles debt theory anyway sense with what's up kathy watt that i have a 1983 mercedes and it's a really nice car and i like it except we can't see out the windows when we drive if it's raining what kind of mercedes as it a three hundred d three hundred the somehow i knew it was going to be a key word the d word actually driving has the car is great if the windshield wipers that don't work right what do they do what do they do they go back and forth but they streak and they leave blobs of water or snow or whatever on the windows and we're forced to stick our heads out the window so we can see wherever two children so you know one on one side one sits on the other day tell me whether i can turner stolac spotters they do that like on the big barges that gold down the amazon river right someone stands up front in the says left left thousand alec well it's good sunday they're going to grow up in move away and i'll have be forced to drive a world you don't him to remedy this seemingly simple situation yet have you bought new wiper blades many many time uh and it does it ever make any improvement snow none whatsoever.

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