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They just got the plastic down a little bit I don't know if you've noticed but. but I thought maybe they could like us staff come better maybe they could they could stack a few more in a truck I don't know if that was the reason I don't have it it kind of becomes sticks in a in a crate so I mean five hi on a positive note is really Sir stacking now yeah okay I think you to cut down on plastic second question about milk sometimes I buy milk from stores and you did the gallon and you take off the top yeah the red top because you only get the whole please who's going to knock out whole milk details up and sometimes there's a plastics seal but you still got a rip off and sometimes there's not here what's up with that. well what brand it is it there rouse brandy you get those errors and I'll begin now there's deer appear to no I don't get out to do and that's expensive I'll get the cheap milk I'll get the regular milk. I don't go I don't know so this is a plus hearing sometimes I Costco Costco always has a plastic thing that you got to rebound weight today you're you're saying that the plastic thing once you take the cap off that's right now there that's exactly right guarding it too yes that's where I've never seen a long stay around it's the worst thing to take off of all the food packaging because it's a plastic film and then there's this little Bob cardboard thing in the middle and you have to pick it up and you try to rip it all in the room the card but thing rips off and the plastic always stays on you gotta get a knife you can do a whole thing it's a terrible thing and I don't think it's out very because most milk doesn't have it I don't know why some notice never seen that if we're. I'm gonna hang on the line if you can brother because.

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