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The nfl is clearing three players accused of performance enhancing drug use in an al jazeera america report the league says it found no credible evidence against the steelers james harrison or the packers clay matthews and julius peppers each player met with the nfl investigators last week and retired quarterback peyton manning has also mentioned in there report but was cleared by the nfl earlier this summer for usa radio news i'm jewels mckinney entrusting average from trending today usa as i've for the allen newton's here is the longest running nationally syndicate its interest coast in the country allen nathan what everybody welcome opponent in the militant moderate thank you so much for joining of this is your and voyage a lot but it sure would you all month folks we love the republicans out of our bet on the democrats out of won't wallets a whole lot first and second amendment rights we feel their exist this cavernous gaffes the greek work for the offseason but it's a gap comprised of many degree picking people who could argue play passionately being the gray.

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