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That is true. Now, there are some people that think Diane might not even they might go second RJ bird. I'm I am not buying that at all. But yes, you know, so the NBA draft lottery is Tuesday may fourteenth. So we're going to have to wait that long to even see even if they think the deal could be done. They're going to have to wait that long to figure it out. We mentioned the Knicks because as much as there's a conversation about the Lakers. Let's not forget the late in the Knicks are part of this conversation. Wendy was on get this morning. Talked about the quiet contenders. Check out what he said if I am a New York Knicks. I'm convening a meeting this morning. Anthony Davis has some interest in playing for the it's not Lakers your bus. Although this is absolutely aimed at trying to get the Lakers. I. Crack the New York Knicks needed decide whether they would be willing to make their number one pick unprotected this year available. If they would I believe they can put together a competitive offer that would help the pelicans do a rebuild and they could get their hands on to Davis in the next ten days. He would be a huge decision. But I think New York would be one of the few teams. Anthony Davis would be willing to sign an extension with. So they are sort of the quiet lurker here. Yeah. The Lakers are gonna make their offer. But boy, I think the Knicks are in the game. Here's my thing with the Knicks. They're always talked about as somewhere that people wanna go, as you know, as franchise that people believe, you know, because the rich history of the next basically Madison Square Garden, and that's it you get to live in New York City and you get to play at cool building. That's it. I just until guy other than Carmelo actually shows up there. I just don't know if I believe it. I mean, everything he just said makes sense. And the fact that there is bad as they are. And they're going to have a high draft pick that makes sense. But. But it still James Dolan team. It's still garbage team that hasn't done anything for ever. But you're going to go there just because you get to play in Madison Square Garden because you're in New York City to me, it just doesn't make sense. And Stephen a Smith made a great point on his show that if porzingas has got it go in that deal. What are you really? What are you really getting better? Knicks. Do you trade Krista was the first round pick to get Davis? I say, no. And the reason why say no, ladies and gentlemen, is because they believe you anywhere other than where you are. If Davis has been a National Basketball Association for eight years. Anthony Davis has made the postseason twice they've won playoff series win. They've made the postseason at least last year. They did when they swept the trailblazers in four games. But the reality is that Anthony Davis virtually by himself in a market like the New York Knicks and going to do anything. But show you even more what you saw in New Orleans that he can't do a bond self. Yeah. I don't think it's exactly the same. But it's close enough. Yeah. And that's going to be the toughest part of this is again trying to find a situation that makes the pelicans drastically better, or at least the same not even asking them to be the same that I've said this, and I'll say it again about the Lakers bass of people think that it's just as simple as trade Kouzmin of Ingram ball trade all of that. Well, that's like trading and eight carat diamond ring for a bunch of Khartoum, jewelry like sure, and they're gonna have to do that..

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