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Hello boo club listener. My dear friend and confidant this year. We're doing something just a little bit different. As we hit the new year it is of course the end of two thousand and twenty a year which will live on in our minds as a nearly unredeemable shit show of previously unheard of magnitude. Truly this was the tommy knockers of years. We here at the boo club. Wanted to take a moment and look back on the parts of twenty twenty which were not so to speak unbelievably terrible. Yes this year. We look back at our progress through the king can and and the friends we made along the way and we say yes yes. Some positive things did happen. Esteemed colleagues and card-carrying boo club members. It is our pleasure to present the twenty twenty boo club retrospective despite the odds. This has been a really wonderful year for us. Specifically on the podcast. This may be hard to believe. But the very first book we read in twenty twenty was a personal favourite. A book which took changed my life. The one and only gerald's game this is. I think some of the best reading on trauma that we've gotten so far and you know you boy. Is man almost trauma slut.

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