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And then maybe there's a team or to that has to say i could probably only bench and see if he rallies drew pomeranz job eugenie joe ross junior gera pomeranz has the the most town of this group for sure and has the best chance to move up interior he's still kinda loses himself from time to time to start urged cuba to to pitch guy with the fast balkar baltimore's nasty he really liens on that curb i think he's got a filthy percentage of curveball usage these past couple of years let's see here i think he's like rich hill ian or this yogi at thirty nine percent each last two years i mean so he you lanes on it and it's a good pitch but you can have hangers went when you're that curveball dependent you're gonna have hangers which can lead to homers which is why is a three eighty one era with a one three homework or nine by twenty seven percent strikeout rate each of the last two years to and is walk rates come down this year so i like a lot of what drew pomeranz is doing i actually think he needs to be a bit higher i'm not going to life i'm adjusting is on the fly i i got him either a right and in that sunny gray reports masahiro tanaka grouping at the beginning of this tear or even maybe he takes match shoemaker spot when i move match shoemaker down into the injury group i liked drew pomeranz i'm i'm a fan jovial jeannie somebody used all the wishes i use that joke on twitter less is not that funny is maybe not even funny one percent but you know what.

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