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Yeah. I'm just. I have been a little stubborn on the whole zakar. It's thing i think. And maybe they will just cut him. But i'm not sure anybody's giving them anything for him. And i like maybe if they just cut him. Then then i'll change my tune in about twenty five days on dallas goedert. He'll be right there with fant. I'm a. I'm a little bit Interested in what this offense looks like you would think serianni would heavily involved a tight end since he was under reich but i do think there's a chance devante smith just leads a team in targets. It's kind of my hope not to sell this position short. But i don't know how many interesting debates there are after that. It's basically how you could sell this position. i you like. what could you say to to make. It seem worse than it is. It's so bad and being tight end. Six is really did. Not even a great accomplishment. Hopefully we can get six tight ends. This year and four is not even good accomplishment. Master wasn't yeah. So i guess after that it's just to pick the guy you like. I know you guys like irv smith. He's top nine for everybody. As for dave in eighth jamie and heath ninth for dave dave still believes in robert tanya n- enough to have eighth heath has thirteenth. Jamie has an eleventh. Mike is around twelve for jamie. And dave mike. Sickie is twentieth all right. Why don't we talk about that. Heath you have michalski twentieth. So just not interested i just. I'm afraid with the additions of fuller waddell it signals more true three wide receiver sets for the dolphins and mike sixties path. To being good for fantasy as been devante. Parker is the only healthy wide receiver on the team. Then he gets to be good because he gets to play more wide receiver. He doesn't really block or play tight end. And if you're gonna have waddell fuller and parker out there in three white now. I it's a very fair thing to say to. Those guys will be hurt by the time that we get to week five and so then he'll be good again but i think when those three are healthy. There's just no room for him. Jamie kept him barely in your top twelve. My kosinski of the players that has played with so far. He's said the best report the second so we'll see how fuller coming in and model coming in. It's it's great point. Heath made one of the co offensive coordinators though is the former head coach george godsey and so if he's you know has influence on playcalling doubt..

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