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I? Tonight with a mountain national course to grind police brutality against black Americans. There's a new call for deep structural reform of policing across the country. Many are now demanding departments be defended, dismantled or I want people to understand that we are committed. We are committed. To shifting resources. To ensure that the focus is on our young. There's several things the Justice Committee is advocating for some of those things include the removal of NYPD from. Service roles in his first responders for people who are in mental health or emotional distress, and the removal of the why PD from schools and Youth Development Services, but we know that officers are currently serving as safety agents in how that makes young people feel is indicative of the policing system a in school to prison pipeline. Outside of that, we are looking for officers who have been involved in the killings and murders of the families that we work with to be fired and Eric Garner case. It's at five years for Daniel Pantaleo. Be fired. Angry crowds tonight on the streets of New York protesting yet another controversial grand jury decision. Adding a new chance to the growing chorus of civil discontent across the country now responding to the white police officers seen here, not facing charges for holding down an unarmed black man Eric Garner in an apparent chokehold that is said to eventually killed him. And then some of those officers are still working. Who are involved in that case, even today Wayne Isaacs who murdered del wrong small still working you know in south there are several different things were advocating for times of them being fired, but also is not just those who have murdered these loved ones of our family members that we work with the also. We need the officers who we know. are committing police, brutality and violence against different people to also be fired because it's not enough to keep them on the fourth, just because they don't have a murder case against them at the moment you know. We feel that. Those things would definitely support our families. It will bring some sort of justice to these lived experience that these families have gone through, because obviously just never be served in the ways that they would like because you can't bring those family members back, you know. And so as far as repealing fifty a that's something that we've been working on for years and something that we believe should be repealed and. Lawmakers heard their cries and changes coming to police departments across the passage of a new bill in Albany repeal of fifty a which will make public disciplinary records of officers statewide. The big thing with the as that it protects so much police, information and secret thieves of there are several different instances in which the fifty a weren't in effect in the ways that it is within New York that potentially Eric Garner could be alive right now, remark Graham could be alive because the officers that were involved in those cases, already had misconduct vials brought against them. It's just that that was not information that was.

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