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Nutjob and halter aren't who still hasn't figured out that despite all odds on an entire democrat party or far-left goals against not to mention certain Republicans who are Saad on walling five. I am winning on the border major sections of wall Harvey. I can't believe he got Tom Brokaw. Briggs. A little you know, some class to this. Join doesn't it. Milan. Coulter was all aboard the trim trained for longtime long time, she wrote a book about it. But the fact that he's kind of he signed the deal for the government shutdown, and and he didn't get exactly one for the border wall funding, and she's really came down hard on for that. And he retorted with what he color lacking nutjob and Coulter did we have time to get to that on the Trump nickname lists that we're doing wacky job. We have wacky Frederica Wilson. Okay. She was the first one to claim whacking one more tweet here before we hit a break. He wasn't just flaming and Coulter he was going after the woke governor of California, he called him the grandstanding governor. I hope the grandstanding. Warren is able to spend his very highly tax citizens monitor on asylum. More money has been spent almost whole called fast train, which was billions over budget and in whole disarray. Wow. Yeah. We got legendary.

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