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I think this passing attack will really benefit from those two guys. They also added wide receivers kendrick bourne and nelson agholor. I really like these do signings. Because we'll get nelson agholor personal. Not neither of them are too expensive. For wide receivers nelson aguilar's ours is speedy deep threat. He really was published shamed of philadelphia after having to may drops he worked on that it really revived his career in las vegas. So it's good to see him in giving cam newton a speedy weapon in new england and kendrick bourne. He also showed a lot of potential in sanford. I think i could see him breaking out and potentially becoming a star in new england but nonetheless he was productive last year and we look at the receivers cameras to last year. Julian edelman was dealing with injuries. All year only played in nine games. He was just not himself other guys. Were just we're we're no names. And they were not. They're not productive. It was demure bird jakobi meyers. Mikhael harry. who's been pretty much a bust since he was drafted in new england. Mohamed mohamed sanu. They were all just unable to produce and they were unable to get true separation throughout the year for cam. Newton i think that dealing with all these different receivers and that's tough for cam when you're coming new team and you don't have that chemistry kind of built up with different guys but those are significant upgrades at these offensive positions they also upgraded at center with ted car us who had a solid season with the dolphins. That's another theme to patriots. Come taking a bunch of players from the dolphins in their division and overall these offensive. Additions are going to be huge for the development of cameroon. Moving forward now. I also wanted to get into some of the defensive upgrades they made because last year they had more than anyone on. The defense was not normal bill. Belichick defense had key players. Dont'a hightower are the best player on that defense opt-out tackle marcus cannon. They will both be back and they are both healthy It just it wasn't a normal year for bill bolsheviks defense the they also added. Kyle van noy. Who is one of their old captains want super bowl against los angeles rams within. He's familiar with that defense. I think van noy is going to be extremely productive productive. Bill belichick knows how to get absolute most out of him and they already have that familiarity. Matthew judah on i think is a great sign. He had six sacks for baltimore last year. He's really he's a truly nasty pass. Rusher so to speak. He really gets after the quarterback. And i think he is going to his impact all over bill bell checks. Defense jalen mills. I think he could thrive opposite writing. Star jesse jackson at the cornerback position. It's rough years in philly. But like i said bill better at getting maximizing. The tally gets out of his players more than anyone. They also got nose. Tackle david god child from the dolphins dolphins player. He's coming often injury but he's been as healthy and reliable as they come other than last year and he should be good to go in. Twenty twenty one. That'll be up the defensive line overall they disapprove all facets of the team. they also resigned. Kicker nick folk. I see a possible trade for shawn watson. Still being able to happen now that they have all these assets. But i like where they're at right now and i think bill with a chip on his shoulder and conscious that sour taste from last year season in his mouth. I think they went at least ten games next season. I think they definitely make the playoffs. Just because bill belichick. He's the best defensive coordinator in the league when you look at it. Although he's the head coach he he quoted the defense according to offense. He's the and he does everything and he didn't have the necessary talent last year and just watching the defense struggle. I think really sat with him. And that kind of went into all these offseason moves. And i think more than anything he wants to get this defensive side of the ball right and that's just something. They did not have last season so really the big question here is can cam. Newton put it all together. And i think he can so he dealt with a lot of circumstances last year like everyone did dealing with the corona virus but similar to the bears. I don't think the patriots could go into free agency without a starting quarterback. Now the deal is one year around five six million which is very cheap for million cheaper than any one. i might add But like i said they couldn't go into free agency without a starting quarterback because player. Just won't sign if you don't have anything there and if they only had jets. I just don't think that would be a destination that people wanna go to Without a quarterback so they started out to and one. The season started great. Dade wins over miami. The las vegas raiders and cam. Newton had a great performance against seattle even though they lost that game early in the year then the patriots have a covert outbreak on the already didn't have came origin. Have a full offseason to kind of prepare with new england's offense as complicated as that offense is so that has to be tough in that has had to play a big role in his development. So after the bye they get covid to have their by week and they come back and things were just not good at some point at some points cameras really bad in patriots fans were ready to just write him off because it's really rough performances verse. Denver didn't throw a touchdown in that game. Denver wasn't a great team last year. He was benched. For jared steinem against san francisco and buffalo later in the year. Those were too brutal games to watch that. I think patriots fans remember in detail just canyons overall performance. He was inaccurate skipping. Throws two guys just throwing it right to their feet All around but like i said there are a lot of circumstances that led to that and one of those is the cobra outbreak. Cam you getting cove it. You don't know how he dealt with it. He said he was able to matic. But the long term effects are affecting everyone and really just after that by week. Things didn't look bad but there were still positives to the season. They were able to win games down the stretch on bill. Belgium was able to work his magic with without the talent..

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