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With Nick Camacho and his dad Hector, and you'll recall that Nick is the one who is involved in Betsy biscuit bomber the c forty seven that is scheduled to take a an amazing tour. They're going to participate in Dax over Normandy June second through the ninth the seventy fifth d day commemoration. They're also gonna take part June tenth through the nineteenth in the seventieth anniversary of the Berlin airlift, and they're also going to be doing some paratrooper drops in Duckworth England say that right? Sorry. Sorry. Jeff. I got a little bit this open crank chip. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Well, this is for some reason this their website, it says ducks worth, but I don't think that's right Duxford is probably nine decks. Okay. Anyway. So I'll put a link to this website in the show notes. And also we have a channel on slack specifically related to this whole adventure with the forty seven. But anyway, I had a chance to meet up with Nick and his dad, and we went to a barbecue joint in Wichita, and it was pretty decent barbecue actually pretty good barbecue. But we spent hours talking about how Nick God involve, Nick. And his dad got involved with this see forty seven out in California, and the whole learn all kinds of things about this. Oh, it was a fascinating lunch and small little meet up in Wichita. So it really really enjoyed that. How am I doing still Skyping out? You sound fine to me, look and look fine. Okay. Pictures good. Yeah. Thanks. It's okay. Maybe my my meeting wasn't clear. There was very clear. Sorry. A long week early. It's been an emotional week for me. And it's just not helping stuff. I've got this dog trying to oh. Feeling left out. So to say. German. He can hear me. Okay. So had had that four day trip. And we ended up postponing obviously, the recording of three sixty six to today. So that is at your all caught up with me. And again, just a reminder if you want to keep up with what the crew is doing and where Dana, and Nick, and I are flying and meet ups that Steph might be involved in as well. Head over to the AB G community calendar. And that's that. Let's see I'm looking at my notes here in oh, wait a minute. I think that this might be interesting. I got this audio feedback. And I think that we need to play it. This is Miami hick had a couple of comments listening to episode number three sixty five her debt. Great commercial for go around in man who ever made that is top notch. I had a couple of comments here. One was that crazy story about that plane having to go around because of the other plane that cross runway and I'm pretty familiar with Holden short, especially when I'm using the bathroom. So I was gonna come in on that about the flashing lights on the mad dog, you know, flashing letting everybody know you there last time I flew to mad dog. I tried that it was just too hard. And having a light to candle blow it out light the candle blow it out. Geez. Just hope. You see me? And about that was terrible. Air talk city, whatever I ain't no doctor can't pronounce it. But the toxic air whatever people on the mad dog. Don't have to worry about that. Good news because has open cockpit. So plenty of fresh air, and that problem with south west was having what their bags I've done some extensive research on this. And I've come to the conclusion. Now, the reason south west is having trouble counting her bags because nobody works there can count pass twenty. So that's a big problem. So and everybody works south west. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I know you can count twenty five mine hick over now. Oh, so awesome..

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