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And only twenty percent of capacity go to Walmart on a regular deaths go there on black Friday same here and we talked I think last week on the show as to whether or not it's worth getting their Walmart plus and ultimately off the air we were talking looking into it and saying it's not worth it. There's really no perks right now the the perks they have or is that you can get free unlimited delivery. Of Groceries and stuff, but I live literally five miles from your house almost almost exactly. Five Miles your your address qualifies for free. Delivery. My address for whatever reason does not some that right there was saying well, no, because I can't take advantage of your membership. Yeah. Oh that was your plan. Oh, what made you think I was going to buy the membership because I let us my prime membership. L.. Yeah but I don't order stuff. Well, I use it for the video one of the other things which can only be helpful if you shop with your own shopping bags or whatever is you can check out or as you're shopping scan items with your smartphone as your as your shopping so that when you then get to the checkout line, you just scan secure code in the APP and then pay for all your all your things at once You still have to go to the checkout line wait in line to get there. Then you still have to bag all your stuff. So that's not really a person you have to pay like one hundred bucks a year to be able to do that ninety nine dollars a year they're charging for this for Walmart plus and you get five cents off a gallon of gas at the at either the Walmart or Murphy USA gas stations which they own. Yes. Jeez. To us wasn't worth the one hundred dollars a year. And if that's the only perk because everybody else is offering video. Streaming services, things of that nature and I've talked about before I'm surprised because they own Voodoo. Yeah. I was really surprised. I was expecting that because they want to try to compete with Amazon prime that they would include some kind of streaming service with Voodoo in there but they don't they're not in I wonder if at some point when they don't get very many people. Signing up for the Walmart plus if they say, all right, what are we gotta do we got a giveaway turkeys or something or or I know it let's give away Voodoo. We owned it anyway make it part of the deal or cut in half if somebody's questioning whether or not they want to have voodoo find give them fifty percent if they're already a member or something. But. At the moment, our opinion is don't spend the money. Yeah. Not Worth it. Yeah. Google assistant will soon be able to book a haircut for you. Bow Call Him Salon and requesting time on your behalf. This feature was announced two years ago when Google first unveiled duplex, it's tech for having a human sounding system called stores and make requests for whoever picks up its first and only consumer feature was making reservations at restaurants launched in late two, thousand, eighteen in the US you can tell the service at time range too. So it can make adjustments if needed. The feature only supports booking three basic services though a men's haircut. Haircut. or a general haircut. What the heck is a general haircut I don't know I kept for your Lama or figured that would have been covered in men's or women's that pretty much covers everybody. But you know what I guess if you identify as general, maybe then you would be getting a general haircut go. My Gosh that's pretty bizarre but it's all robotic robot. It's all artificial intelligence calling. Barber shop. So I guess you would tell the APP or whatever. General Soar Right. The time range that you want, and then it will call for you and try to make an appointment within that time rains you sit and it will no doubt be calling in saying you know I am calling on behalf in a robotic voice no doubt. Behalf of Dave who wants to book a haircut on Tuesday between six and eight PM. What time can come in? and. Then it'll hopefully get the time correct and thank them, and then it'll put it on my calendar probably somebody like me that answer the phone and the other i. don't talk to machines and I. That will go very well what did you want a men's haircuts or women's haircut because we do both now one in general I want a general haircut. Yeah. But I'm sorry you're only a captain. It gets a bit confusing. Doesn't it does Jeez Michael in Tyler Texas listens on K. TBB. Point Five FM and joins us into tomorrow the IPADS the APP phones, even the galaxies, the charge port so much things Bamford amount of time it's you keep those and use them. They just don't hold up. I was hoping that maybe they could put some time in economic zone there but that's probably not going to happen but anyway your thoughts on that thinks well our pleasure Michael but we actually. Haven't heard complaints about the ports themselves lots of people complain about the cables even though those put up with a lot of abuse but we hadn't heard complaints about the ports themselves until your call you may be in luck though odds are your phone already has another way to charge that is harder to break and that would be wireless charging. That's what I use all the time even in the CAR I. Don't I don't plug a cable into my phone ever. Yeah. Same here I mean you probably a good candidate for charging pad that can charge your phone and you get one or several of those. You won't ever need to plug anything it. You can just rest your phone on the Mat and it will do its thing I've got one here on my desk at work like you I've got one in the. Car I've got one on the side table in my living room and I've got one on my nightstand. So everywhere I go I just set my phone on an charges saint I prefer the ones that are tilted because I want I don't want to just lay it flat I like to see if I get a notification I also have in the case of my android device I've got always on clock. That also shows me notifications and it just moves around on the screen, but I can at a glance I can see the time if I don't have my watch or if it's at night and I wanNA glance. Thing but even that is wireless at my desk, my nightstand as well. My car. It's wireless. Versions that you can buy for your home, your car, and even some that are part battery pack. You've got one of these. Yeah that you carry in your pocket. He should really never need to plug it in but if you ever find yourself having to do it at least your port will be brand new and likely to work. Yeah. That's very true. So Michael, definitely. We suggest the wireless charging that she or Q. If you will. And you can get them very inexpensively. There's so many different brands available. Now that you can get, you can get the brand of your phone most likely would have wireless charging pad, but probably would be more expensive. So you can get any off brand and just do it. Now keep this in mind we had this experience too though if you've got a really thick case. It could interfere with the charging wireless getting to your phone. So keep that in mind if it doesn't work very well, you may have to change your case still do a protective one, but maybe not as thick. And some people like to put those little pop sockets on the back or something of that sort if it can't lay flat even with the case against the charging device for the pad, then it might not charge very well. So just keep that in mind that should help. Yeah. Let us know what you think or maybe you've got some additional input for Michael let us know at eight, hundred, eight, nine, nine into or even better the audio.

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