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Let's go to the tweets. Vince rates in with a Appointed question here he asks. Why do you hate the cub. So much yes buster. Why do you hate the cubs. You hate the mets too. I feel like those teams we We hear from fan so much that Sense on that question. Do you think admits minute like literally or a little tongue in cheek I think a little tongue in cheek. I think vince is a listener. So he's not. One of those twitter ran. Does that just comes at you. I feel like we hate. No one on this podcast. I do but you definitely don't. I don't know where he would get those vibes now. Now that the team that annoys me the most to the orioles on its absent bias covered the orders for the baltimore sun and i hate the idea tanking year after year of the united states. That lincoln's right. But yeah. I don't i don't hate i don't care we don't care wins and loses the games. It's good all right. Let's go donna. Irvine at donner don rights in now that the nationals are shadow of their former selves. What are the odds that the oil will win. More games this season in that buster will only a dinner. The nats sit at forty nine and fifty eight right now in the oriel said at thirty eight and sixty eight so eleven games apart not unrealistic but still unlikely now completely unrealistic. There's no chance that the orioles will overtake the nationals. No chance muster. They're ten and seven since the all-star break come on man. Here's a pulse. Not going to happen. The orioles gonna be playing all these teams that are trying to win okay and they will lose. Would you throw out. I alexander wells on the mound against the yankees. That's gonna happen to you now you got. I said i'm trying to not be mean you're throwing out a name. I did well anyway. Let's let's okay Western prince at western prince two rights with tigers seemingly pushing toward the next. Step of the rebuild who was a realistic free agent. Target this off season. Could they be an option for a top shortstop. Yeah and they're on our priscilla's came out yesterday and said they would be more aggressive from free agency. This off season this year has been a your progress for sure. It's hard to say at this point in a among the top shortstops. Who might be a guy that they would grab. No just off the top. My head's i. I kind of wonder about carlos correa to some degree is. Aj hinch knows them. And you know carlos is going to be out there and if you were the tigers he wanted to plant the flag that yes. You're moving forward that would be one way to do it. And i don't think carlos is to get like three hundred million dollar deal. I think he's gonna get a really good contract but not three hundred million dollars i suspect. Aj is gonna be in the back. Room saying yeah. You're the reasons why. Carlos for what makes sense for us. I like it. It's go to andrew campbell at real cam true injury rates and hey buster between these two division leaders. Which team do you think could come. October regret the ability to acquire a starting pitcher at the deadline. The raise or the mets the mets. From what i understand. The mets were working aggressively on some bigger deals and then when they got news on degrom which was in the last twenty five dollars for the deadline. Econo- pulled back. Like i think they made a decision based on the potential pluses and minuses. Like our team without rahm is not as dangerous. Windy graham and so. We're not going to be as ambitious in deal making. They did go and get hobby by as but they were not as aggressive as what they were talking about and last tweets for today john. Gillespie at johnny geo five. John writes in. Could crawford or posey's sneak in win the mvp and the nfl. Their offense has been great but their defense and what they mean to. The team has been priceless. Yeah look i think the nationally. mvp is completely wide. Open one guy that i think might have an is trey turner. Paul katie's guy. I knew we talked about. Because statistically he's authored tremendous star and now he's going to get this platform on which to play for the dodgers. If the dodgers rundown the giants and the nationally west i would not be surprised. Trae turner do the mvp. All right that doesn't for bleacher tweets hashtag bleacher tweets on.

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