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Um let's see the two thousand eighteen a women's royal rumble match okay um participants we have so far naomi an oscar ruby riot natalia sasha banks bailey mandy rose sonia deville carmel let's amino lana live morgan sarah logan mickey james nyadji acts becky lynch alicia fox dana brooke that is what like 23 or something i i saw eighteen women were announced went over the counter how many names you said but i saw that eighty eighteen announced 80s twelve spots for surprises which i think is probably why we didn't see much from the girls who came back last week i still lie we didn't see certain girls to because they don't you don't want to put them on screen by oh yeah forgot about soandso you on up to be a complete surprise when they actually pop up there's a chance that leader appears because it's odd that leader wouldn't have been back yeah so that's that's my thinking with leader like we didn't see her because people mentioned trish leader in the same breath like they go hand in hand and and yet she wasn't there right and i don't see leader atalji treasure working it and i don't see them snubbing leader many other so i think lead adams back arm i'm saying belo twins both of them all one i'm saying both killer causing both i it just how could they get left out of this right knowing how much they over the last couple of years have come to care about it like i just i can't see it i'm i'm calling karma to i would love to see co using karma fresh off of glow year exactly that's why i'm thinking because like she still at ring shape by bump shore like yours can you imagine if she could stick around karma nyadji acts oscar light young woman's division lip um i'll predict that i'll predict kellie kellie who she was there monday she was there monday didn't do anything is definitely in ring shape has been around um.

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