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And speaking of men, I mean, we're getting into this almost episode ninety. I think if it's not already there's a lot of good episodes out there that have already aired over the last year and a half. If you're a new listener if you came in only halfway through I highly recommend going back through go through some of the old episodes scroll back in the feed. I guarantee that I've talked to some artists that you know, and love right now, I'm thinking about a couple of different episodes one I recorded with twelve planet man that was like a roller coaster ride that dude is a force of nature a legend in the dub step game. The things he's seen the stories in that episode. Definitely go check that one out. That's episode number thirty three and ten after that episode forty three I recorded with nightmare. That was great too, man. It was so good to connect with him. He's a guy don't get to see much. We had a lot to talk about you know, he's had such a big success in the last couple of years, and I felt like in that conversation. He got to really stretch out and speak his mind. And I felt like maybe he just didn't get a lot of opportunities to do that reasonably we got kind of deep. It was a good one, man. So go check both of those out a bunch of other great episodes back in the feed. And once you're done with that, you can also go. Check out the back to bangers Spotify playlist if you're on Spotify. I do a playlist every single week as kind of a companion piece to this show. I updated with new music from my guests for myself. I try to throw in some music that we mentioned on the show, you know, stuff that comes up in conversation and just other related songs. Other new music. I think you might dig it's a collective it's fun. I've a good time putting it together the link to that is in the description of this episode is well, and as always you can reach out to me at anytime, you want my Email address is backed back g mail dot com or on social media at Willie joy or at back to back pied one of the real treats that I wasn't expecting when I started doing this has been connecting with everybody out there. It really does feel like a community people are sometimes surprise that. I responded all man, I try to respond to everything it's great to talk to you guys. So hit me up. Let's connect. Now, let's chat, and let's get into today's episode. So like, I said I met up at the crystal method studio out Nell, a our managers are actually friends, and they're the ones who kind of linked us up..

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