Dallas, Huste Blanca, President Trump discussed on America Tonight with Kate Delaney


Three two two two two two yeah dr right into it for the italian post tossup elanca of lanka attracted four hundred and seventy thousand dollars year and that starts as soften down the road with big bucks for this version of we can count it is the only known surviving italian poster for that movie and it's sold in dallas at a public auction of vintage movie posters the the firm is heritage auctions and they sold it that's pretty big i mean think about it so the history of huste blanca and how many people would be interested in it i guess in that really made that number creep up you gotta has some serious coin if he can of that kind of money for an italian poster though but if it's the only one i would assume it's it than the value would just get driven up a seventy one said to me when you have an out any vitamin d think is valuable whatever it is what's it worth it's worth would somebody will pay and the art world is definitely like that but as are other collectibles like posters pbs pvs we'll get roughly four hundred fifty million in federal funds that are normally goes to support public tv stations nationwide will get slash because because those stations rely on fifty percent of their budgets to get that and so they won't be able to survive with out it which means that with the president calling the for the axe to fly on pbs the there is no backup plans so if you look at these locally owned and operated public tv and radio stations is about 1500 says some of them will definitely specially the smaller ones will certainly go down the to the with the amount of money that they need to rely on so byebye it'll they'll be done and not i don't think the bigger ones i think it's more the smaller stations that probably will have a hard time trying to figure out in a trying to figure out how to survive i i have to mention this story because even though i gave a couple of sports stories this one is pretty big michael phelps record gold records caleb dress whole won his seventh gold medal of the world championships putting.

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