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News radio G. M. J. Milwaukee from ABC news I'm Richard cancer share committee today holds a hearing on police reforms for such hearing since George Floyd's murder the panel expected to hear from Floyd's brother filo George Floyd's brother is getting set to testify on Capitol Hill today in a house hearing on police brutality he will be one of the witnesses in the houses first hearings on policing it's unclear if he will give his testimony in person or virtually given the corona virus pandemic but the hearing follows house and Senate Democrats introduction of police reform legislation introduced Burke ABC news Washington congressional Democrats are pushing police reform legislation but Republicans have been hobbled by silence from the White House and the president's response to a Floyd related protest in buffalo New York to have the president come out with that tweet alleging without evidence that a seventy five year old protester who was seriously injured and shoved by buffalo police is what he described as an antifa provocateur this is a conspiracy theory that has been circulating in some far right outlets and the president picking that up and tweeting it well it certainly didn't help matters with some Republicans on the hill in fact it may have made things worse ABC's Mary Bruce federal prosecutors in Milwaukee charge Jeremiah Beland was using a laser pointer to light up F. B. I. in military aircraft monitoring George Floyd related demonstrations in that city last week Mr Bela looking it up to five years in prison in Richmond Virginia protesters tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus in the city's bird park set it on fire and then dumped in a lake a sign reading Columbus represents a genocide was left on the statue's pedestal couple of health insurance telemarketers could find themselves on the business end of the largest Federal Communications Commission fine ever FCC proposing a fine of two hundred twenty five million dollars for the two for spamming people with a billion robocalls you're listening to ABC news W. two seven seven see the end of the T. M. J. Miller from the annex wealth management studio this.

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