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Six in Carmel valley last night news H. Chris grows has the latest two of the people that died one of them is an eighteen year old male and and the other one is a male with an unknown age of the two others that jumped but did not die they were transported here description lawyer with what were being called major injuries they are fourteen and fifteen year old girls now the other two occupants of the vehicle for some reason headed east on the shoulder and have not been found yet CHP says it's an eighty foot drop from the over pass to the freeway below a judging congressman Duncan hunter's criminal cases ruling that a campaign funded trip to Italy was a family vacation hunters defense team argued the trip was a failed attempt to visit a U. S. navy base near Naples according to the judge to trip was in no way a legal legislative activity hunters trial is scheduled for September tenth California is now the first state to offer health benefits to undocumented immigrants governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law that makes low income adults age twenty five and younger eligible for state funded health care regardless of their immigration status state officials expect the plan to cover about ninety thousand people in cost taxpayers ninety eight million dollars now here's bill Holland with the latest from Wall Street stocks in broadly higher as nasdaq closes at a new high hi this MP top three thousand early for the first time ever fed chief Powell who seem to be seeking a way to cut rates and save face in his house promotions now the treasury ten at two OO six on change this seems to be saying that they find a way well price is right you.

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