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At the border of drugs of human beings Zaphon all over the world. The president did make one concession on the wall build a steel barrier. The president says Democrats don't like concrete the idea is being panned by Democrats on ABC's this week Washington. Congressman Adam Smith was asked about the possibility the president declares a national emergency. I think the president would be wide open to a court challenge. Sag where's the emergency? Ed Donahue, Washington. The eagles advanced to the NFC divisional round AP's. David Shuster reports it comes on to score. At a missed field goal in the final minutes falls. Two yard touchdown pass to golden Tate on fourth down with under a minute to go proved to be the game winning points as the eagles defeated the bear sixteen fifteen and a wildcard matchup Tate said it was a battle to the end playoff football right there for you. That's why we play this game of predator towns. Like now once you get to January and February. That's why we show April. I'll work hard trying to do some special after Tate's. Go ahead. Score the bears March quickly down the field. But Cody Parke's forty three yard field goal attempt with ten seconds left bounced off the upright and the bear season came to a quick conclusion. Foles threw a pair of touchdown passes on the day. And is now four and one in postseason play next up for the eagles are the saints in New Orleans. David Shuster, Chicago. Dump the wall and shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute. With no breakthrough inside President Trump will argue tomorrow night in the TV speech that a crisis at the US Mexico border requires the wall, he's demanding before ending the partial government shutdown. This passenger at the Atlanta airport agrees. President.

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