President Trump, LSU, FBI discussed on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic


The lobbyists like these more than paper itself would return on investment a dollar. That's certainly not the case at all. But trae Burbach with Louisiana entertainment as a much different view evaluate every single the effectiveness of every program, you have to look at the ripple effect and the multiplier effect people. Choose to disregard that but it's a real thing. David Blake wwl. First news, sports Illustrated's. Ross Dellinger reports that LSU and will Wade are working toward a meeting that could lead to the reinstatement of these suspended head coach dowager says wait as a new attorney, Steven Thomson, and he's had a positive discussion with LSU attorney wanted didn't want him and talk LSU. And I mean, Stephen more open to it and they're working toward setting up a meeting. Thompson also represents to other coaches impacted by the FBI investigation into college basketball corruption. Analysts you will not reinstate wait until he meets with athletic director. Joe alita and answers questions about possible. NCAA rule violations. Caught on a purported FBI wiretap, President Trump has arrived in California for a look at the southern border. CBS news update, President Trump is in southern California to visit a portion of his high tech border wall was constructed last year. CBS's Chipper what the president will see today is exactly the kind of state of the art border wall that he wants razor wire at the bottom razor wire at the top thirty feet tall slats. So you can see through it. This is the feminine collects.

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