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That enough. A little bit of evidence that these guys collect it was enough for them to say the place was haunted. The owner was satisfied with what they had uncovered and thank them for coming out ever since they're dead departure though. It seems like paranormal investigators have been coming from all over the world in search of Charlotte in the many other spirits that still called off adding him Road Hotel home. Some of them have experiences that they cannot easily easily explained While others don't have a a single experience at all. That's the name of the game though, isn't it? I find that paranormal investigation as a whole was just this we can stay in a location off all night long and nothing could come up come of it at all whatsoever. There are no guarantees when it comes to Spirits. It's all about dead. Being in the right place at the right time and hoping they are feeling good enough to communicate with us. Whether easily a dozen more stories from this location, I think I'm going to let the buck stopped here experience the Nottingham Road hotels wage for yourself. If you ever get the chance have a plant in the pub and be wary that. The residents Spirits are watching from the Shadows. It's a house full of spirits after all never stop being curious. My friends read travel meet new people learn a new places on your own accord when we are all covid-19. Podcasts Facebook and Instagram pages I say both locations as I'm talking about more than one. I only mean one place, please check them also is M intention or done. So already joined the hauntingly yours Lounge on Facebook where you can meet like-minded people like ourselves catch up on all things paranormal follow along on Twitter and even Tik-Tok. Yeah. We have a tech talk now go like review subscribe and check out the merch store bought some merge and most importantly. Hello friend. I appreciate each and every one of you listeners more than you will ever know. For all the shows links be sure to check out the link tree l i n k t r. E hauntingly yours paranormal. Lastly. I'd like to give a big shout-out to clovercrest Media Group as wanting yours has just recently joined their ranks there a wonderful network with great posture broadcasters bringing you the best of the best and many different genres. Thanks for accepting me into the family guys. I am truly humbled to be amongst you all our next adventure will be our last four season one. I know if she's thirteen episodes will be in the bank before we know it. I figured it was appropriate to end each season with thirteen episodes. I mean, come on spoofing. Yeah bad luck and all that just by the way, I am going to be taking some much-needed time up so I can prepare for next season. I am going to be taking it down several notches. This season dope will.

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