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Best graphic artists to design. The album covers the gate. Folds everything i mean you gotta see it to believe it It's a work of art. Something that will be hard to. You won't even want to play. The album sometimes. Just want to put it on a shelf and keep it. 'cause it's like a work of art so this is this is four vinyl heads. Vinyl geeks are fully appreciate the vinyl experience and understand vinyl at its fundamental source an interactive thing and become a listener. Who's ready to explore and eclectic field of music to from all over the globe It's multinational music. I mean. I'm mostly guitar rock guy but i like all kinds of so you'll find music from all over the world. It could be rock. It could be pop. It could be an indie rock. And you'll get appreciate all that on vinyl on what vinyl can deliver brandon the man who created this subscription service. He's the curator every month. Like i said he's almost like the guy making the cassette tape for you He has a not too that he gives. What each album explaining how each addition evolved and why he picked these songs because he gets many different bands sending him material all the time to be put on these albums. You know what. I'm going to get when i put on the new paul mccartney album and i love that too but i don't know what i'm gonna get here now like wha that surprises me i like the surprise and i like the challenge of that and i'm like i love wondering what the new art will bring what this vinyls and case then. It's like a discovery every month of vinyl experience You know why. Don't subscriptions can be weird where they try to figure you out. What you're listening tastes are like a strong service kind of like how pandora does it. I rather be surprised. I want a guy like brandon to curate for me. And then i have to pick through it what i like and enjoy the whole experience of it. So we're gonna talk to brandon. We're gonna talk about the vinyl moon subscription service and what it all means and how it all works so stick around. We'll be right back after this message. He i'm ronald web. And this is patrick prints and together we host the mine radio our the show that features the latest issue of gold mine the music collectors magazine tune in sunday at seven pm eastern time on cygnus radio dot com brennan. Yeah patrick i get a little background on you before i start asking more about viramune. I grew up in los angeles went to the east coast for college. Bound dollars a film nature. I thought he'd be breaking loonies. I had some family that work in film industry. I only loved music. You know growing up. I was made mix tapes like old school. Mix is that okay dubbing and we'd go to kinko's and make color photocopies and you know. Cut him out and glue stick and make the j. cards and a couple a couple like you runs of mix tapes that You know pass out or or or sell for a couple of bucks to donations to friends. And there's always just a passion of mine but i i. I didn't really know that. Anyway to make a career out of it the time it just seemed like radio. Dj was the only dream. I had so. I think you call it in high school. How james and being radio. Dj pretty quickly. Learn like that's not quite what it cut out to be these days You know more of the major major label you know. Top forty hit pusher as opposed to created jury that well you become even better than a dj. You're curator. and i thought i was free i to do the same thing. Make cassette mix tapes. And i used to actually paint on them like little canvas night. So that's why i'm so. I love what you're doing here that all you're doing with our visually and interactively and the music itself and the piece of vinyl itself now you promote vinyl moon's final subscription service has the planet's most unique vinyl experienced here that i want to emphasize the planet because you pick artists from all over the globe and unique. Maybe you can elaborate on that word as well. Yeah absolutely. I think to me was created out of Personnel's lack you know. When i first started getting deeper into vinyl i would. I subscribe to a bunch of record clubs because i've always loved clubs. I mean i grew up in the air. Bmg columbia house. Yes and just you know. Love getting stuff in the mail and so getting divine all great. Yeah let's join a club like let's have someone else. Picks them things for me. Always a good recommendation. Lubbock could club love getting home and finding something in the mailbox doesn't and But none of the clouds really clicked with me and it just felt like okay great. You've chosen an album. Know somebody clubs are of the month club great. You just pick an album. That already exists is not is not unique. I could buy that album anywhere. You just not twenty two. Which is great. I mean i again a recommendation. But you know you're going to be shelling out that kind of money every month felt that oftentimes. It just wasn't for me. I i didn't scratch my age and That's kind of where the idea for campbellton. I wish you'd be so great if somebody you know. Took all these new songs new artists and up and coming bands and put them together on on a mixed tape by knowledge. That would be a cool thing if somebody did. And then that's the light bulb went off and it was like oh man. I might be qualified to do this. I better do like but that you know that thought. Not kind of coming at the idea of vinyl clubs and dot angle you know. His still is still unique. I and to be honest. I thought it would be more imitators or you know other companies. That would come up along the way. But i think five years in i've grown to It's probably just because knows dumb enough to try it and so it's pro. You know more power to them Because it is a complicated thing it's getting to make the complicated thing to explain But nonetheless i think it's it's It's also superpower that it is so unique because nothing else like it you know people say who your competitors like well. I don't know i mean we. There's other companies that will mail you vinyl. But they're not the same thing Agree the thing. I love is. The artwork is so interactive reminds. Me of what i loved. You know even starting out. When i collected vinyl as a kid you know like led zeppelin three with the spinning wheeler physical graffiti with a sliding images in the window of a tenement building. A photo in new york city. And i love that. You're not only is your artwork grade from these different graphic artist. You have three things going for you. You got the music. The artwork of the album and while for the vinyl itself is a piece of art. And then it's interactive. Which i love you have everything from you. Know cutouts to I think one was like a newspaper clipping or map. It's pretty interesting. How gets interactive like.

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