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By the van loan school at endicott college all right lorry yet downtown we're seeing heavy traffic out there and both sides of the ted williams tunnel between the expressway in logan airport going to be a bit of a slog some their tunnel and the callahan certainly busy but they're not stop and go storrow drive on the inbound side back to about its tunnel the outbound side is heavy out toward mg h and you've got a pretty good drive out there and the connector inbound just a bit slow around the garden outbound side is heavy up to the tobin ramp and again right by the top lower deck of 93 to slow over the zakum bridge that's good news adding over south of town the expressway southbound is slow from the tunnel down toward about math sav after that a pretty good drive maybe a break tapper to 'til he hit about granite app and then it slow from there in pockets down toward the split on the northbound side it's very slow granted aften upon to again mass abc getting into the tunnel south of will rather a 128's southbound is slow from route twenty down to route 9 again from ninety five to twenty four northbound is have split to 24 and three southbound is just slow coming off the expressway west of town the pike westbound stop and go marketstreets newton corner again won twenty eight of the western barracks and expect delays north of town 93 north crawling from the tunnel straight up to this crash at mont fail laugh it's off on the right but it's still causing very heavy delays and 128's northbound slow from thirty eight up to a crash by salem street eight next deport 353 wbz's traffic on ever source brings us the forecast here's meteorologist eric fisher with a fourday wbz accu weather up will blast a cooler air is made its way in across the region tonight via chile went back into the '30s we go and will be areas of frost frost advisory is route for areas away from the coastline it away from downtown boston tomorrow webb right skies will be a cool chris fall day highs near fifty seven that a warming trend as we head into wednesday highs approaching seventy degrees bright sun and low to mid 70s on thursday with sunny skies that sunshine continues right through the.

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