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West Palm Beach sixteen after this is America in the morning I'm John trout New Jersey joined the growing list of states that now allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses the governor signed a bill that he said will make the state's roads safer Steve casting bam has that story has a crowd of immigrants and advocates for immigrants right cheered at New Jersey governor Phil Murphy kept the promise that he made several years ago during his campaign he signed into law a measure that will enable people across New Jersey to legally obtain a driver's license regardless of whether they are in the United States legally and let's be clear we are hardly be revolutionary here rather today is a simple recognition that our immigrant communities and each of you are a vital part of our state of our economy it's an acknowledgement that many immigrant residents already behind the wheel and on our roads going to work in school we're simply going to the grocery store and I'm sure some of you even drove here this morning you have been asking for special treatment you have been asking us to acknowledge reality governor Murphy said he was following the example set by thirteen other states and the district of Columbia both blue and red states the only thing the stakes is seen as a dramatic increase in the number of licensed and insured drivers and of the number of residents able to contribute to the economy this is what's going to happen in New Jersey as well our roads will be safer in our ranks of uninsured drivers will be lower and that's good for all of us the law creates two categories or driver's license is a non driver identification cards one is the federally compliant real ID which is only available for documented residence the other is the standard basic driver's license and ID which will be available to all residents of the state regardless of their immigration status they still have to provide six points of identification though that can can include a foreign passport any documents and personal information obtained by New Jersey motor vehicle commission will be deemed confidential I'm Steve Castin bow in sports Dallas quarterback dak Prescott says he will play Sunday against Philadelphia despite a shoulder injury sustained in the previous game against the Los Angeles rams top twenty five men's college hoops on ranked Seton hall dropped number seven ranked Michigan that to use actually Maryland fifty two forty eight in nineteen past home prices and ratings security systems tampered with those stories when American morning returns after.

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