Stephanopoulos, Abrahams, Chief Legal Analyst discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The media would report on potential collusion and conflicts and so forth now we move onto stephanopoulos and sunday this week he's got two guests here he's got damn abrahams who is their chief legal analyst and who started the website media he's also got up a legal website the name of which escapes me now and professor dershowitz these are the two guests stephanopoulos kicks it off says the abrahams after a raid like this this is the raid on cohen's home his apartment and his office trump's fixer warrior stephanopoulos says after a raid like this the chances of an indictment meaning cohen are pretty high right mary hi that he's going to be indicted but we have to separate out the two they got a warrant here not because there was information on donald trump that they wanted from michael cohen they got the warrant because there was information on michael kohn potentially committing a crime you believe that i have a bridge you're actually going to say that a judge signed off on a warrant absolutely get to get you can get to sign off on warrants christmas bread right to get information on his client so they signed off on the warned saying we want information on his client not on his no way in which they would go after michael kohn if they weren't interested in this quiet that's dershowitz.

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