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It be is a song that is sung by Paul McCartney. Here. Listen, Spartacus. Okay. I called Joe Bryant. I'm like, What's your mom's favorite song? And he's like, Let it be okay. I didn't ask who the artist was. All right. So for the love of God. We're going to play. Let it be whoever the hell sings it things it he's a beetle, which I know Gino can help you get rid of and eradicate them. So in honor of Joe's mom, Diane Who lost her life this week. We're going to play. Let it be because that was her favorite song. I don't care what the house sings it. So relax. Yeah, I'm sure I'm sure. Paul McCartney is very proud of the 773 texture for for clarifying that for everybody. All right, there you go, Joe Brand even chiming in. Thanks, Joe. I appreciate that and make sure your family's listen at the end of the show because You have a nice little tribute at the end and the other lady who? Uh, Well, I guess we should assume It was it was a lady Jo. Where was that? Where was that One with the, uh 11 51 11 51. Okay, 11 51. Stop! 847 Stop! Just stop. I'm trying to put on my make up. And I'm crying too much so there, So listen guys put on my makeup too. So I don't want to make any assumptions. 3 72 103 129817200 go to WGN. David dot com Robert in your car. How are you, Robert in your car. I'm doing much better than I was last Saturday night. Let's put it here that way. Okay. All right. I think you know, I sent pictures. And I don't know, David, if you some on the, uh oh, wait a minute. Are you wait a minute? Yeah, that's you. Okay, So you had a fire right? Yes, I was in a fire. Okay, So hang on. Let me set this up birthday present, wasn't it? Yeah, well, hang on one second. We got a text message here. Four Pete from 773. And and it was a building that looked part out. I called Pete ovaries against one of your listeners here who called us because you had a fire last week. So what happens? Is everybody okay? My dog made it out. You can see the picture of the dog. I wasn't home. I was out to dinner. Oh, my God! Home. The fire department. And every single window in the house broken out. My God. So how big is the house? Pete? The two story full basement three bedrooms correct me if I'm wrong, but full house fire I mean uninhabitable. So can you So is that rebuild? Able Yeah, Yeah, We're helping them out, and we're going to go in there were working with him with his insurance and you know, it's a full gut rehab situation. So you listen to the show, Robert. Go out for dinner Bite to eat your dogs alone in the house. You come back your dogs on the front line with friends for my birthday, uh, with and I'll mention the name Robert Cogan from Kogan Construction in the American apartments. You probably know David and, uh, come back to the house. Eight o'clock at night. I left it sick. And this is what I came home to. My gosh. Like my insurance agents. I called them from from the house. I would Totally and another and cloud night. Sure shot and I was in shop. But my insurance agent, uh, death through insurance. And, uh, weren't sure if I travelers Death Co Gave us a lift above four different companies to call to clean up and take care of this situation. The first one on the list with JC restoration and, uh, David said. Beyond a doubt. This is the only one I really recommend for you guys to you. I called. We called, Uh, Andrea On Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon college at the House. Mhm. I went out to that one. He went out. Directly to the house Sunday afternoon. I met him there with my sister. We walked through the house. Pizza guy came in with, uh, the matter for technology to completely measure everything and get the ball rolling. And that's something that believe it or not, Travellers said. They don't do they rely on an outside party to take care of that so that they could do the restore. And get it done. And I mean, I can't say anything better. About how I've been treated the compassion, the kindness. Pete and his company. Nice. Well, thank you, Rob. We appreciate you. Can you rebuild it? I mean that for our listeners out there that is, every single window is gone doors off. There is black, but I mean, you can see the black sit on the outside of the house. That's re buildable and you guys are going to rebuild. Yeah, This is an extreme fire, and I'm thankful no one was harmed. But, yes, it's going in checking out the electrical removing building materials that are burned up, replacing them. It's a process. Hey, Robert, Thank God everything Everybody is okay. The house can be rebuilt. Can't replace a dog their bodies. I'm glad your dog safe and I'm glad you called JC restoration. Glad you listen to the show. There's another example of having you on speed dial guy goes out for a sandwich. Six o'clock at night comes back eight o'clock, and the firefighters are there. Five on his birthday on his birthday. The firefighters are waiting for you to come back after you have a beer and a hamburger with your friends. They're knocking the doors doubt saving your pet saving your dog and running through the house, knocking things open. You've got to lock our number and you have to 809 56 88 44. Last time I built what I lit up my birthday cake. I called the fire department ahead of time. Yeah, just just saying, just saying it was pretty proactive Kindles. You got going there and they and they got wood fired apart, says Joe again, Joey, with 29. Another year goes back another year. Another birthday cake. It's all goes birthday. Get ready. Get the tower truck out there. He's got seven acres compensated. 312981 72 100. You're listening Home, Sweet home Chicago and am 7 20. W. Jim Oh, W key. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to your nana. But she'd probably just tell you how she insured her couch from stains by covering it with plastic. Or you could talk to your local Geico agent. 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