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But these quarterbacks and these people out there they want mcdonalds start so bad like it's not happening right now. Okay bocek said it before. Jurassic the senate now bill check. Set it again. What more do you want like. Just leave it alone until cam screws it up. It's what does camps screwed up. Is the way that you end. that thought. Well let's bring in. Brian greasy from espn's monday night football game tonight. We have a game. Oppressive game on monday night football you have the saints and the jaguars and we'll get to that in a moment but brian first of all good morning. Thanks for joining us. Just your thoughts. You just hearing bill belichick. They're talking about the quarterback situation. As key said there is a lot of. Let's say energy Behind mack jones. Whether or not he can compete for this job. But it sounds to us like bill belichick letting us know cam newton's the guy and it's going to remain that way. Yeah hey guys. Good morning I agree with key. I think it's It's pretty clear. What how bill belichick is approaching. This and i think it's natural for for fans especially of the team there to england Or whether you look at in jacksonville. Or in new york with zach wilson or in san francisco with trae lance. Everybody wants to microwave these these rookie quarterbacks and have them start for week one and if you're a coach and you've got an incumbent like cam or jimmy garoppolo You know you have to look at the the entirety of the season. You can't have a short term view. We've got seventeen games to play this year not sixteen seventeen. It's a long season. And i think they understand that to throw rookie out there in the first game of the season. They don't have to do that Why not start the year with with the incumbent with the starter Who is a leader. Unquestionably cam newton on your team And bring that rookie along. Let him see. Live bullets for two three four games and reassess after a month as to how camps plan how the teams reacting to them and let the kid develop on the sideline and watch. I think it's it's a no brainer and I understand why are we wanna get these. These first round draft picks out there from from from the jump And honestly guys. I just talked with trevor lawrence and and urban meyer yesterday about this. There's no guarantee. Trevor lawrence starts week one. And so i think The fanny to tonight as you mentioned you have the the saints. Jaguars you're on the call tonight eight. Pm eastern by espn. monday night. Football in the preseason and brian sean payton told peter king that he hopes the name is starter before the final preseason game which would be next saturday this coming saturday against arizona. They still have to play. Certainly tonight's game. So i would say jamie's winstons performance tonight with the stars as he's going to get the start might be the most important game that he will play since he was out of tampa. How important is this game in your mind for him tonight. After hearing that what sean payton said yeah i listen. I think it's important for jamie's You know he's in a position now That is i think it's the best possible position for his career and where he is at this point You know we had a chance to talk with him yesterday He was reflective From his time and in tampa how it ended How it went down From what he learned a year ago from drew brees In that position and now this team that has a lot of talent. Obviously they've they've had to make some changes in the off season with some of their their top players from a salary cap standpoint but they have a nucleus of really talented players back on both sides of the ball. And i think jameson that this is probably the best opportunity. The best head coach quarterback a room that could possibly be in Now he's gotta go out and do it. He's got to go out and execute and take care the football all the things that we've talked about for for many years with janus he has all the talent I think just my opinion guys. I think the team Is hoping that james takes this job. i know that sean payton is conflicted with respect to taste some hill. And how much respect that. He has for taste hill and owed it to him Sit to allow this competition to to play out throughout the off season and throughout camp and give them every opportunity to win this job But i think at the same time you know. It tastes them. Hill brings a lot of value to this offense and to the team in special teams. That if you were to win the starting quarterback position it would be a loss From that standpoint and what he brings to the offense so I think they want both guys on the field and if you had asked me i think that's the direction they're ultimately going to go that that's true in in everything bryant but i'm not gonna let you off the hook that easy you watched a lot of films preseason on the saints and what they're doing and like you said you talked to guys yesterday so who should be the starter but i think it's i think it's genius. I think jameis winston gives them a an element that they have not had in the last five six years and they wanna push the ball down the field. They have some some athletes on the outside that allow them to do that. And take some pressure off of alvin. Kamara it can't be that they have to go twelve. Thirteen play drives to score. That's just too hard. They need more explosion outside of number forty one on offense and i think that they have it marquez. Calloway is a young player. That's coming on trade kwan. Smith's another got You know michael thomas..

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