President Trump, FBI, Peter Struck discussed on Larry Eldar


The FBI is fired a former counterintelligence agent over anti-trump texts. His attorney has confirmed that former agent Peter Struck was fired. Last Friday alleging the deputy director and the FBI overrule the FBI's office of professional responsibility and departed from a stabbing precedent by firing, struck struck, has been harshly criticized for a series of anti-trump texts, including one from two years ago where he vowed, he would stop. Then candidate Trump from being elected, struck contends these were personal opinions that had no effect on his professional duties. Critics allege. They show a pattern of anti-trump bias at the FBI correspondent Wally Hindes reporting at fort drum for drum in New York state today. President Trump signed a seven hundred sixteen billion dollar defense spending Bill that will increase military pay by two point six percent, which is the largest hike and nine years. Mr. Trump says, there's no substitute for military. Mike America is a peaceful nation. But if conflict is. Forced upon us, we will fight and we. Will win right general right right Believe in general's Mr. Trump says the Bill will introduce thousands of new recruits to active duty reserve a. National guard units and replace, aging tanks planes, and ships and. Helicopters with more advanced than lethal technology it's named for ailing Arizona Senator John. McCain Iowa assistant director Mitch Morton. Fed says an investigation into the disappearance of twenty year old student Molly Tibbets is being stepped up the Iowa division of criminal investigation.

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