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Look that way yes yes another is one of the one of the things that became clear to me as i did it is this is one speier of the entertainment business way you can kind of become a stall without having to go past any gatekeepers you don't have to be or dishes you know so if you take the theater there is a certain kind of leveling out process takes place there you will make it you will not make it the oldest people made as rockstars because they're allowed to invent themselves i mean look freddie mercury guts freddie bizarre idea this man should end up on stage at live aid in front of the wills launches tv many people that's why naomi campbell never made it as a pop star to beautiful yes you know you have to be weird you have to be slow even even good looking yeah jim morrison is an exception because moore's pasty most rockstars goodlooking ross dolls not like good looking film stone lively look at it in a way it is this the floor isn't this this thing i've always liked about and actually what you're really left me longing for was that kind of flash an artifice and the idea that you can throw on the right kind of coats and even as a fan the nineties years not actually came across really strongly even though you're denouncing it did i think it's probably the reason i'm wearing a fake fur coat today.

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