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I think we're going to be able to see pretty soon as well so already seeing a little bit of that already. But you're right this time next year and the years beyond I think this corona virus is ultimately going to change the way we view films as a whole i. I just don't think it's going to be ever the same once again. I think it's the ultimate nail in the coffin. I mean for the last twenty years really since the Donna. Hbo TURN OF THE CENTURY. When TV started getting amazing and people really liked the long form storytelling serialized shows. Were just gobbling up and binge television you know took it up notch you know when net flex really started hit his stride in twenty twelve or so like this just keeps furthering the need not to go to a theater and spend all that money on overprice food or that experience with some guy talking behind your cell phone lit up in front of you. The content is at home already. I mean I've already subscribe to Apple. Tv plus like that should tell you everything well as once said and as you say on our Promo Apple could change the way. We view our television and our films for that matter. So they could. Yes yes that's the Promo always tells me when I play it so I you know I'm sure it does. Yes it did. It did create that paradigm shift as I think the famous words that you said on that. Promo so okay. Lot what about. Hbo Max Are you excited for HBO? Max I won't be available in Canada then there you go. There's a the setting you up man. What's up with that will be available in Canada but it won't be the same access to in Canada we don't have. Hbo Now is all of HBO's Program has been carried over to crave which is Like a bell media conglomerate so. He subscribed crave for one hundred bucks a year. And you get all the. Hbo Stuff. Okay on top. Of like all their originals. That's yeah you just never give you the same love that they should. What's up with that? You know we're on the metric system and we're paying for it everyday life read. Well I'll tell you what it's been great talking to you as always once again as rob McCallum the director of the Mr Dress up documentary also box art the Docu series. Don't forget the kiddy documentary and action figured venture. He's got so much that you can check out now at zero cool films Dot Com. Don't forget missing mom. You're still getting great reviews on that one as well. I'm still getting the reviews. Yes people are still making their stories or they're telling you they're all they're great thought. I haven't looked. I haven't looked you know the first rule of the Internet right. Don't read the comments. There you go. We'll see a lot of the comments that I see are still very awesome on that film as well. So good tell you what. It's just so great to hear from you. My friend any last thoughts on the way out. Goodbye goodbye it is raw mcallen. You gotta check out everything that he's doing today at zero cu films dot com or just type in rob McCallum on facebook. And you'll be able to see all the different things that he's doing out there in fact he's doing some live videos every now and then as he gives you updates on all of his projects checking out today rob. Mccallum on Facebook can't say rob McCallum domes anymore. You can but that's not where you go check out. I no kidding so confusing how to find me. I'm just trying to get away from people. It's becoming dated. I'm going to have to change all my aunts. We're going to have to get zero cool for your somehow. Well you did mention zero. Call one of them. So that's good. Good yes there you go or rob is just been great talking to you as always always love catching up with you and I cannot thank you for being a part of the Pop Culture Cosmos Zero Cool Films Presents Action Figure Venture Super Collector. Jay Bartlett Throat. Once again and search of action figures most chronic and noteworthy end rare figures. All in the name of creating the most ultimate action figure auction ever. He fronts the cash that charity benefits in the end. What will he get? How will they get it? And how well he do find out November Verse Twenty Twenty and we're back once again with pop culture cosmos last. Come right back out to here along with my good friend. Mr Know Ian Fine. He's back on the show once again. I can't get rid of him or he can't get rid of me which way because So great to have a back on if you WANNA check out what he's doing on his group hunt alkhast is go to facebook and type in the Hanoch Al-Kass you check out what he's doing today. They're all the great stuff he does every now and then videos that goes in and talks about some of the great things are going on pop culture. Plus also the appearances on other podcasts as well but no I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me. Once again as I- pester you once again to be on the show I would have gotten away with. It wasn't for that home. Vod release of school. Yeah it's funny because I know you've talked about this and I've talked about this off air. It was interesting that because of the pandemic lot of movies. It was being indecisive in the Beta for about five years. Now that people go to the movie theater. The theater experience has changed and once upon a time it used to take maybe one maybe two years for film the show up on video and now it goes from a year to six months to maybe two three months and then you can either purchase the digital copy or wait until it's out on. Dvd still exists. That you can rent it. And there's been a debate on whether or not you want to purchase movie theaters now into pirating and the whole idea was price and five years ago it was discussed. It was either going to be twenty five to fifty dollars to purchase the movie now on either Amazon or whatever whatever was hit back then which. I'm going to go with Amazon and to rent it. I think was twenty four hours to fight. Two days now was scuba and trolls. I was schooled. The option was because of the virus. You can either aid purchaser for twenty five dollars or for twenty eight hours. You could rent it for forty hours and unfortunately for me. Twenty five dollars. I still overpaid for May understand equivalent to going to the I max where I Max Three D. and concessions even with a family of six but the problem comes down to. I watched Scooby Doo for anymore. We're coming I guess. This is technically the fiftieth anniversary. And I've watched a lot of scooby Doo. But I've seen it all I've experienced all but this movie when it was disgusted it was going to be either rebooted or remade or whatever you. WanNa call it watching this trailer and seen the corporate. I didn't where it was going to go. They they kind of took Kant's from Teenage Ninja Turtles. Out of the shadows where they decided to bring everything in from the cartoon series. Even Scooby Doo two monsters unleashed on that live action. They decide the brain. All the ghosts from the original series. Live action but here. I think they started out with Scooby Doo and then went into I. You know what are we up to now? Mystery cooperated or Guest who Scooby Doo. I forget I mean. There's this show this been. Reinvented and repackaged. So many times. And there's one made specifically for you. I have a couple of my favorites. Do you have like a favorite scooby? Doo Series obviously the original. Because not only just because of the fact that it was created in the same year that I was born. But it's my first memories of series set. The formula for the entire kids mystery drama type deal. But it's set up the whole scenario for how you play out a typical. Scooby Doo show a those series. Just so well done so well documented so well crafted at that point in time for late nineteen sixties. Early One thousand nine hundred seventy s cartoons to me was just so fascinating a pup named scooby. Doo is probably to me right after that. Something that I thought was very well done I know. Abc had put a lot of money into that at that point in time when it came out. But other than that there's been some some big hits and some big MRS scrappy do cannot stand Also while the kid when they did the series for scrappy do and the kid. That was just just awful You with dark hair I just I don yeah yeah. The thirteenth deals with with with a little kid that dark hair. Who WANTED TO BEAT EVERYBODY? Up as well Day that's trying to block him out of my mind is replaced. One irritating factor to another irritating factor. But I need need. I digress. That Scooby Doo has seen a lot of highs. And lows over the years and like you said a lot of re-creations reimagining and things of that nature and this is obviously was scooped. This is happening once again where they try to reinvent the wheel. I think it's actually pretty good. I kinda liked it. I'M NOT GONNA say it's great filmmaking by any stretch imagination I'm going to say it's probably in their best interests to have gone straight to digital because. I'm not sure how long it would've lasted in the theaters. Now Mind you. As far as overall economics they are still losing out no matter how well they do on video demand no matter how well trolls world tour does on video on demand they will still have lost out over what they would've earned going to the box office. I on a worldwide basis. Had there been no pandemic and then going to video thereafter. But they're trying to make the best of a bad situation and we're seeing this now from movies like those two plus also irresistible. It's coming to with. That's movie with Steve Carell. That's coming to video on demand lovebirds. It's just coming out on demand that was also meant for years. We're going to see this more and more take place and Rob McCallum on. I just talked about it as well. Where the importance of the theaters is going to become less. And less over the course time as these movies are making the decision to either go to video on demand or hitch up with a streaming service. And that's something we're going to see more and more of in the coming weeks months years see. Here's the thing though. I kind of was hoping they would do this. Black widow on the other hand as last year. I don't know how you're GONNA top endgame and lots of welcome. Glad it's not me face for go but it would've been nice to see that because it's supposed to be this month now may is coming going so I know everything you push all these movies back because there are some they don't mind paying twenty five dollars whore and someone Now thank you. Fifteen to run. This twenty would have made a little more sense. I know they'RE GOING TO LOSE MONEY REGARDLESS..

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