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News now i'm dan martin the university of michigan has acquired a trove of photos that capture a place and time often overlooked by history black civilian conservation corps camps during the great depression the photos are the only known images of the states segregated all black camps the core was established by president franklin roosevelt in the early nineteen thirties to employ vast army of unemployed men to conserve and restore natural resources the acquisition has been posted online it comes with a public call for information one striking photo labeled big jim shows a large man outside of a cabin morris thomas who as a child new big jim recognized him and responded the subject was james richardson a farmer who joined the ccc thomas says it's gratifying to share information and recognize the work of richardson and others antilittering campaign is being launched on detroit's belle isle the belle isle conservancy says keep belle isle beautiful is being kicked off april twenty first at an annual spring cleanup on the detroit river island hundreds of volunteers are expected to rake leaves and remove litter and other debris from the nine hundred eighty seven acre park as part of the earth day celebration the campaign's purpose is to educate the public about the impact that litter has on the park and upgrades to grant havens south pier are being delayed again due to record high water levels in lake michigan mlive live reports the final phases of the two point one million dollar project we're supposed to be complete before the city's coast guard festival in late july wham radar weather cloudy this afternoon high near forty four tonight cloudy yet again low of about twenty six partly cloudy tomorrow pioneer fortyfive that's lamb news now i'm gan martin.

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