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I wanna at least say didn't mention the word outside that was well there you go well we i have about a minute i'm pushing it i know and i and i apologize you understand that if you win this thing this whole idea of joe donnelly is the role of the sleeves drive the rv super nice mr bipartisan you know that's completely insane right he's going to punch you in the neck in a way that a toddler akita and luke messer haven't this has been softball compared to the hardball a general you ready for that i always use this in thirty seven years i've had to outwit and outmaneuver guys a lot quicker and tagro kita in luke messer joe donnelly's in that same class they're going to be up a got against the guy that's feisty that is learn how to do these things in the real world and i can't wait to take on joe donnelly if you've watched the debates they've hit me with a barrage and i won't mention outsider again other than now but that's what it takes to actually contend with people that do this for a living and it is clear that as of a month ago my opponents in the primary knew who was leading this race with a great message and a guy that can deliver it and i'll go back to if you really want to get things done you're going to need people that have been honed in the real world not in politics and they're going to see a much different type of competitor not only in this primary where we're going gonna win it on tuesday can't wait to take on joe dante mike brown brown for indiana on twitter you can follow them there listen get back on the campaign trail go do your thing i will appreciate matt bear traffic on the five northbound sixty five crash clear a keystone avenue traffic is.

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