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Today segment is less talk business, and a have finds professional athlete banks. And the reason why I say science professionals because this young lady has taken I guess just the whole industry of cancer research in her hands. She comes from a background that unfortunately, her mother caught cancer. And therefore, you know, there's no longer with us, but she took that into the heart, and, you know, decided to learn more about it and see I guess one more brain worker working towards cancer research can't hurt. So young lady has done just that she is a neuroscience major as well, not only is she a finds professional, but now she's also transitioned somewhat into writing and becoming an author. Of children's books. So that is a lot. I mean, and anyone knows medicine takes many many years in school. So that alone plus side hobbies such as writing and children's books, plus being an entrepreneur herself that takes a lot of work, and you know, what we do here at TI semester. Eight and we'd like to shine the light at the in these individuals that are just very special and do very special things for the world without even knowing it, you know, and being someone in part of cancer research that's very important because I mean cancer, it's just something that unfortunately, takes a lot of lives, and or simply a disease that a lot of people have to deal with and there's no necessary recovery from its so with all that being said I'd like to introduce miss actually banks into our show tonight. Hi, how are you? I'm great. How are you? I'm good. Well, thank you for taking your time..

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