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I was gonna say. I believe the genesis of why we focus on tim anderson with sort of as an addendum to our pune content like. He's a frequent weaker of elber. Pune so that is what brought him into the forefront. I think chris yeah. Yeah and he's he's really like he's a full moon guy or was a full moon guy back when you could be a full moon guy but the brothers band charles and richard. They love love. Love tim donaldson. But yeah kinda came around with this just because we had been doing the the albert pune episodes. And i'm perfectly fine. Just trying to shoehorn in albert pune into every single episode humanly possible like whenever we can to keep pune peeling the masses and spreading the gospel. But the good thing is this is like this is vintage albert. Pune like this is. This is one of his his more creative periods. I feel and this is a solid movie especially considering our pins. Relationship with full moon was a bit contentious. A little difficult to say. The least and this one i believe he shot doll man. Jack maybe you can help me out. Here he shot back to back with another movie. Which is what the interior sets are actually from. I could probably get a time. Member ought this archaic kate arcade. Yeah and now. I mean man did not have much of a budget. Arcade may have had a little bit larger budget. But it was. It was a big financial disaster. Like it did not do well at all whereas doll man. Maybe it was a little bit more successful but it was a classic charles band film. So if you've got your you've got your charles band bingo card out. You know obviously full moon production on you. Don't do not get to cover the use of charles band personal castle space that there's no castle here but it is a film that was created by an idea and poster. They had a poster that said doll man and then charles was just like words william. Acl's this is the movie. Yeah and albert's like sure why not and what it is is it's kind of like albert..

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