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A high black diamond in the sky. How wonder what a great song is has. Been another episode of the rossall podcasts with me. Ross bohlin and him jared. boris slow. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. Follow me at w. r. boland everywhere at w. r. b. o. l. e. in jared at border slow at j. a. r. e. d. u. And are spill. Jared just like jared fogle and then. Boris low is b. o. r. i. s. l. o. w. jared slow follow on social at the ross. Bohlin podcast on tiktok and instagram at ross. Bohlin pod on twitter. Share our stuff when you see it and you like it re tweeted like it. Share it tag. A friend put in your instagram story. Re talk it spin on it. Which on it. What is it stood on it. Spit on a bed support. Our sponsors support them all of them. Stamps dot com promo code. Ibp bird dogs. Dot com promo code r. P. and of course what was the only one not bookie mybookie dot ag code ibp for all three. It's that easy. Mybookie bird dog stamps. dot com code. Ibp get on patriotic for ad. Friday episodes we've got another one dropping. This friday ads free and unhinged every friday on patriots dot com slash. Ross bohlin podcast. Jared nye dropping additional episode full of great content. Just like the monday and wednesday shows except it's a little bit more unhinged in. There's no ads breaking up the show at all and it supported entirely by you. We do these episodes in hopes that you will go to patriot. Dot com slash. Ross bohlin podcast and support the show with a monthly pledge of five dollars or more just five bucks though will get you into the rb p gang where you get all the ad free friday episodes as well as a monthly update on bolan media which is coming out in the next week. I will add in column form. And you could join the enforcer tier for ten dollars or more and get Six columns total in the full month of month as well as to mental health. Minnie's odes one of which is being released today on patriots dot com slash. Ross bohlin podcast. Where i talk about several different great topics all of which are mental health related in about fifteen twenty minute. Quick hitting fun episode for you to enjoy on your commute at some point if you're already caught up the other. Rvp's began six columns from now until the end of the patriot. Right now. don't believe us so right now. Five bucks well if you want the six columns in total ten bucks patriot dot com slash ross bowl and podcast but just the five dollar..

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