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And convenience and a fun environment to buy a car you know you hit on something Jim by in a car is really about more than by and four wheels and a piece of metal is in its choosing the right dealership we work to take care of that customer so when they walk out of that dealership they go wow and when they go while they tell everybody about their experience when I go into when your dealerships I feel you I feel the warmth I feel the caring how important is that well it all starts on the top and I'm very excited to be in the car business and I try to hire people that are very positive I want an environment there were people feel comfortable and they want to do business with us visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin tub Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson stay informed matter where you are downloading new W. T. M. J. mobile app today these kids it is time three of five the practice week begins for the Packers who's on the field and who's not Greg has all the details in sports at three fifteen vice president Mike pence is expected to make a stop in Wisconsin next week he's planning a visit to a trade policy event at U. line warehouse in pleasant prairie on Thursday that's a week from today the event will center around the proposal for the United States Mexico Canada agreement two men who've been working closely with Rudy Giuliani are facing federal conspiracy charges in an indictment unsealed today in federal court in New York federal prosecutors say as part of a six figure scheme to curry favors to Giuliani associates in to do the bidding of someone in Kiev the Ukrainian government official who saw the dismissal of the US ambassador to Ukraine U. S. attorney Jeffrey Berman says to lobby for the ouster of Marie you're fine of inch LED par nascent Igor Freeman donated to an enlisted the help of a then sitting congressmen known to CBS news as Texas Republican Pete sessions Berman signals more charges may soon come this investigation is continuing Stephen Portnoy's CBS news the White House coming up a three day weekends become the wave of the future with the team to do some three oh six is reported sponsored by Brett often Hagens seasonal services I'm productive.

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