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Now on a normal day. But instead about an hour and fifteen minutes ago, for reasons unknown began shooting the place up and walking down an aisle and from from the sound of things targeting just about everybody around according to the reporting of this one witness who's been speaking to our network news service affiliate there on scene your world with caboodle be coming up in a little while. But as I mentioned, we're waiting to hear from the mayor of Aurora mayor Richard Irvine who's who was born and raised in Aurora graduate of Aurora, east Aurora high school, and has been there all his life pretty much the mayor to be calling in in just a moment. We're expecting an update from authorities as the screen has gone dark for the moment as you can see, but we have other pictures coming in from other sources, and we expect to have the mayor on in just a moment. Official. Notifications are hard to come by what we have officially is multiple people. Will you're listening to Fox News on the latest and what was described. Earlier today is an active shooter situation in Aurora Illinois, four police officers multiple civilians have been hurt. The shooter has been apprehended. I mean, I'll go back to Fox News coverage. Authorities are now inside the building checking for wounded and no doubt taking witness statements. The lockdown which has been in place for area schools. If it hasn't already been lifted was they call it a soft lockdown, which basically means don't come and go when they were concerned that there was an active shooter who might have been on the loose that certainly made a lot of sense. But if that hasn't been lifted it certainly will be shortly because the thirties have notified that there is no longer danger to the public or anybody inside the building there on the west side of Aurora, Illinois, which is to the west south west of the city of Chicago Jonathan hunt. We're expecting more information from authorities pretty soon. But we also have just been told that the president has been briefed on this situation. Live pictures coming into us now as the president boards Air Force One. And we got word from the pool just a moment ago. You know, the news media has a White House pool. That follows the president everywhere he goes at all hours of the day, which is customary and the pool was informed. A short time ago that the president has been updated on this. What had been an active shooter situation in Aurora Illinois, and of course, with ATF on scene and other federal agencies working to see if they can offer offer assistance to Aurora police, which I believe are the lead agency in this investigation is hard to imagine what a grisly scene. It must be inside. We have reports from authorities of all of these injuries. We have reports from witnesses of a shooter going down the aisle at this manufacturing facility, and you can just imagine what what an absolutely awful scene. It must be inside their work to get. Handle on things where to get all the injured the treatment, they need work to get witness statements while all the information is still fresh in their minds and listening to all the reports coming into local news media across the Chicago land area as this story has developed so quickly it began two o'clock central standard time so about an hour and twenty minutes ago with I reports coming in of an active shooter situation at this manufacturing facility and the first real concrete reporting. We got out of there came from the from the suburban newspaper the daily herald, which is now reporting that the suspect has been apprehended which suggests to us that they suspect has been taken into custody. If this reporting is accurate. You know, we heard the locals asking earlier would they want to bring this suspect into custody the answer. According to our our specialists on these matters of law enforcement is absolutely if they can bring the suspect in to be able to question that suspect about motive about whether others might have been involved. Just any number of reasons, you you want to have this you want to be able to get Justice, of course. But speak to this suspect to the degree that it's possible. There are all kinds of unconfirmed reports out there, and we we avoid those. We we go with trusted sources. So we're we're gonna lead the the unconfirmed reports to the side, but I can tell you that multiple victims have been airlifted in our Mike Tobin Chicago-based correspondent en route. Now in the approaching the rush hour in the afternoon, there might Tobin on on the way to the scene. I wonder what you're what you're what your sources are telling you, Mike if anything so far. Most people were getting it still everything is in a state of locked down the schools businesses nearby that were locked down. The information that we have through the city that the the shooter had been apprehended and probably over an overabundance of caution. The reason that is in effect. But a lot of what you're hearing if multiple injuries multiple police injuries and airlifts underway. And I think the overwhelming. Get to the bottom and find out what happened. Yeah. Without question. And we're waiting to hear from authorities. Again. Chicago Tribune is echoing the reporting of the daily herald a suburban newspaper in saying that the shooter has been apprehended and other news services are following now would suggest to us. You don't say apprehended if you've shot and killed him apprehended means they've taken him into custody, and from the aerial picture from from WFL d we can see that a lot of the authorities who were on scene are now backing their way down that street. So it would appear that they have this seem largely under control quoting now from the Chicago Tribune dozens of police officers responded, which we've been able to see their latest update rush Copley hospital. Again, this is a cargo trip telling Chicago Tribune that officials in Aurora said that tweet was assisting those involved in the active shooter situation, they pinpointed the active shooting at six forty one Archer avenue. And roads are still blocked off in that area. The west Aurora school district still holding students in place for their safety due to the incident, again, all of that from the reporting of the Chicago Tribune newspaper, and from the live pictures that we've been getting from our our local stations on scene on the left hand side of your screen there. That's a live picture outside the scene where you can see authorities have gathered and we're still waiting for the mayor to check in with us on the live line. We're expecting that to happen. Shortly a lot on the mayor's played at this point, of course. And with so many people injured in this. Mass casualty situation there mayor Richard Irvine wants to find out exactly what's happening, and what assistance the city can be at this moment. It's a wait and see situation at this point. But we know area hospitals have been extremely busy this afternoon. Jonathan hunt mentioned one level one trauma center in the immediate area, and that hospital taking a number of patients, I mentioned another hospital as well which had taken. To patients in this afternoon. We don't know the exact number injured, but the reporting is all coming together. Now from multiple sources of four police officers shot we don't know if that happened in the you you heard from the witnesses, according to the witnesses shooter was going down the aisles inside the plant reporter information now on the officer's condition. CBS to our network news service affiliates. CBS to a reporter on scene is attributing this to his sources on scene saying the degrees of injuries on the police officers. Do not seem to be dire all reported in stable condition. So that's very good news from the CBS to reporter on scene. The degree of injuries of the four police officers. Do not seem to be dire all in stable condition. We do not know about the condition of the civilians against stable is not an actual medical condition in just means that the situation is under control a patient. It'd be critical but stable. We it. It sounds though like the quote their injuries. Don't seem to be dire. Is the best information that we've gotten today? The first scan recall of this happened we've been saying two o'clock central standard time. But instead the first call to police of of this incident happened at one forty PM central standard time. So so about an hour and forty five minutes ago. Now, the first call came in twenty two to this afternoon and the fire department asked Now. that was Those the who report treat of the the fire wounded. department asking It. for as It's many vehicles it's it's their moment. to come in as possible, To a jump a into witness action. speaking to We ABC we seven don't said, know I the work number from of victims. home. I noticed We don't a police know from officer authorities. outside How my home they took with his lights this suspect on down didn't where hear any they gunshots. found the suspect. And then saw a couple Was of workers there standing some around sort of with their coats had he been holding cold. anyone So we let or them in. had he been And threatening they've been in holed any way? up inside But you that home can imagine there for the quite tension some from time. these police I've been officers telling you that if the reports rush from the Copley daily herald hospital or accurate is that one a number that's. Assisting of officers those involved were injured in the active shooter certainly situation extremely the hospital high is tensions now tweeting there that it's until received they were able to to get patients this suspect who were neutralized being treated for non in one way or life another threatening Fox News Chicago injuries. still breaking So into we know afternoon that coverage we have reports afternoon of four programming police to bring their officers viewers who Chicago were shot live coverage, and we with appreciate their situation being able to simulcast not said to be that dire. now. But you know, This at this point just are in they trying to take the governor would they be has trying just to tweeted take an active shooter a in. governor Printz ler says that he is monitoring Peacefully would they the would they try to take him shooting out? in Aurora and Well, encourage you know, what all actually residents was the to question follow was the asking directives earlier. What of would the locals you be bringing there in a New negotiating York Times experts at this in point on to the try reporting to talk now to him as well. to try to get him to come Saying out that peacefully before the gunman resorting opened to fire inside this industrial firing complex, using sending scores a police of law officer enforcement. discharged? Authorities You swarming is. I have some to new the area witness reporting forcing schools again to keep students once inside again to our multiple network, news service people affiliate injured ABC according seven, to and a city we thank spokesman, them. including They spoke with police another officers. witness So it's who confirmed says that from he a city spokesman saw now inside Aurora the building. police department What been looked tweeting like? on And this I'm quoting at here. the times A green reporting laser as we have coming that it's not from clear the gunman's how many injured pistol but videos this from caller the local television ABC stations seven we've from been inside showing the building you said he of recognized the scene the there. shooter as one of his workers. John we've been there Oh my quoting goodness. the local ABC The witnesses station that as approximately well. thirty of his co Including workers this. were He at saw the gunman time running were down in the the building aisle at with the a time pistol of the shooting that had a green laser the witnesses. attached to It's it. a huge So facility. a one person That's who a quote was shot with and lots was quote, of racks Br bleeding and pretty storage, badly unquote another believe witness there were others who spoke to who ABC had been shot seven inside earlier. the office there. He said that he and another co worker ran out the back door and heard more shots being fired. Once he was outside. Again. This is all reporting from the New York Times agents from the from the Federal Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives were among those responding to the scene in Aurora, which is a city of about two hundred thousand people let's bring in Jonathan hunt who's been monitoring developments Jonathan the next thing is and call from the mayor which we're expecting shortly and update from police. Yeah. And once you start getting those official statesmanship, it is obviously a clear sign that the moment of crisis at least has passed. Either listening to Fox News on the very latest that active shooter situation that took place this afternoon at a manufacturing plant in Aurora. That's west of Chicago, the shooter has been apprehended. They're also reports of at least four police officers and multiple civilians who have been injured. Let's go back to Fox News coverage for the shooting of this full police officers. We're still waiting for final confirmation on that. But all reporting does seem to point towards several police officers being shot, again logic would dictate that they will most likely among the very first officers on scene. We have had no indications as to why any police officers would have been at this Henry Pratt company prior to the shooting. So we can only assume that they were among the first responders that you've talked about. Two people at one of the area hospitals who have non life-threatening issue it conditions. As of now, there are others who have been taken to the advocate good Samaritan hospital that significantly as a level one trauma center, the only level one trauma center in the county. So that is clearly whether those who were more seriously injured would have been taken. We have not got any updates from hospital officials as to the condition of any of the patients that they have received their Chappel that we do have some indication that at least one of the police officers who was apparently hurt in. This was taken to the advocate. Good samaritan..

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