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Sentences totaling more than two hundred years were liberated from the eastern state prison farm at Waldo Texas by Bonnie and Clyde. Two guards were shot by the escaping prisoners with automatic pistols. That Clyde had two other outlaws Floyd Hamilton and Jimmy mullins high ditch. Those two guys is slipped through a barbed wire perimeter fence around the prison. Hit An old innertube under drainage culvert inside that to to Colt forty five automatics and several clips of AMMO. The next day Floyd Hamilton. Visit his little brother in prison. His brother Raymond told them about the guns. Other escape details. Few days later another inmate Aubrey skelly was able to retrieve the gun sneaking into Joe Palmer sell who hit him in a mattress and the next day. A heavy fog blanketed the prison grounds. Clyde borrow two others hid in the woods near the edge of the country road just outside the prison. Clyde carried a browning automatic rifle capable of firing twenty round clip of armor piercing shells less than three seconds. Clyde new. This prison already served time there and he fucking hated. He hated the guards. He said he'd seen prisoners beaten by guards stuffed and tin sweat boxes under the blazing Sun. He said he'd seen prisoners prisoners murder by guards sometimes for the twenty five dollar reward for the capture of escaped prisoners other times for revenge when he was released he swore he'd come back and bust out some other prisoners and hopefully kill a few guards himself at some point that morning. Joe Palmer shot a prison guard out in the yard in the break was on after hearing. Joe Fire shots. Clyde comes out of the treeline opens fire on the guard's without automatic rifle. Bonnie sitting in the getaway car hits the horn and the chaos that follows two guards leave their posts fleeing for their lives in a bunch of do get out. Raymond and other prisoners. Ran Clyde covered the retreat with continued bursts of machine gun fire. He and Bonnie had done with the come to do they. Busted prisoners out of the jail that Clyde so hated during their violent career together. They're believed to have killed nine police officers and four civilians. The pair probably rob less than a dozen banks. They did rob from a lot of other places mostly Gas Stations and little little kind of grocery stores and then the two were killed in an ambush in Louisiana may twenty third nineteen thirty four. Their car was turned into virtual Swiss cheese in a hail of gunfire. Another of. Dillinger's contemporary was man people called pretty boy who would become hoover's public enemy number one after DILLINGER's death Charles Arthur. Pretty Boy Floyd gun happy. Bank robber who during his violent career cultivated a favorable image with the general public by spreading rumors that in the course of his robberies he also destroyed mortgage documents saving many people from foreclosing on their farms and homes There's actually no evidence that he did that. But that was the that was the legend. This sprint pretty boy floyd was named by the FBI is being one of the gunmen. Involved in the infamous. Kansas City massacre on June seventeenth nineteen thirty-three shootout in which three police officers in an FBI agent were killed when escorting? Frank Nash. One of the Depression era's most successful bank robbers during a change of custody after Nash. Been arrested a few days prior in the popular underworld hideout a hot springs. Arkansas national dying. This escape attempt unlikely. The Floyd was actually involved with J. Edgar Hoover used. The event is propaganda to further the case of army fights. Fbi agents and pursuing. Floyd Floyd did do a lot of bad shit. Floyd did elise killed three police officers. And several other underworld figures including out indicates he may have supplemented his income from bank robberies by also serve as a Hitman for various organized. Crime figures floyd grew up in a small town in Oklahoma when it became impossible to operate a small farm in the drought conditions of the late twenties. Floyd tried his hand at bank robbery. He quickly got caught for Robbins. Saint Louis Payroll delivery and found himself in a Missouri prison. After being paroled in one thousand nine thousand nine hundred eighty two thousand five learned a man named Jim Mills had shot his father to death. Mills had been acquitted of the charges. And then right after Floyd got out of prison. This guy disappeared forever. He shows up in the same town as mills and Mills. Gun Floyd biographers. Her you know pretty sure that he he killed him father then he moves to Kansas City and along with a couple of friends he met in Prison Starts Robbing Banks Missouri and Ohio. He gets caught again. He could send to twelve to fifteen years Ohio on the way to prison on the prison transport train. He kicks out a fucking window jumps off and it gets away amazing. How many stories there are of dudes breaking out of prison? We're going to have some great ones later in this episode man. I know these dudes I love fucking prison break tail for whatever reason I mean if you're on a train heading to prison and you might not get out like fifteen years. How amazing would it feel to kick the window out? Jump survive runoff to actually pull off that escape and talk about turning your day around one minute like fuck. I'm fucking prison. Fifteen years for the prime of my life and then like fifteen minutes later. You're just to feel but-but-but by up by getting away with it. Floyd made it Toledo hooked up with Bill. The killer Miller. That's a solid outlawed. Name that dude. Lucked in the last name department with Miller probably wouldn't have a cool tough nickname of his last name was like Walker Baker. You know build Stocker Walker. That's not good bill. The faker Baker. That's that's not nearly as strong. Hey Hey guys baker just scream. He's he's roll around. I think he's been shot now. He's fine kid. He does that ever gunfight right after the first shots fired. I say classic faker Baker Move. He wants limped for two weeks. Said he'd been shot in the leg all they're really been done to him was he. Kinda was trying to clip his. Dang toenails and a short plastic. Faker banker Pretty boy floyd killer Miller. One of the crime spree across several states also started dating this ridiculous. They started dating two sisters They met along the way during the crimes. Free One of them is married and the other is dating that man's brother when they mate and then fly. Flip that funny but Floyd and killer Miller. They're like well now. We wanted these girls and these guys are kind of the way these fucking killed him as killed both those dudes author girls. Floyd would rob more than thirty banks kill at least ten men during his criminal career. Before he himself was gunned down in Ohio. Field are the night of October twenty. Second Nineteen thirty four just outside of East Liverpool Little Town of eleven thousand that borders Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This guy he raised a lot of help for dude who died at thirty baby face Nelson. Another famous gangster. Who committed a number of robberies? Whitlinger was a member of gang for a time. So we'll talk more about Nelson a bit but let's talk about a bit now. This guy's a fucking lunatic. He was a psychopath in the late. Nineteen Twenty S. Lester Gillis. Who USED The alias? George Nelson was developing a budding criminal career by performing home invasion to cash jewellery. Furs Robin Stores Robin Taverns. He robbed his first bank in April of nineteen thirty Another in October that year and in Chicago and then even rob jewelry from the Mayor of Chicago's wife and then she saw him and she's the one who labelled him as having a baby face and then baby face Nelson stuck in the press a nickname that he hated that no one called him to his face. Nelson was especially violent. He committed his first known murder. During a botched tavern robbery by nineteen thirty two D Nelson have been caught convicted and sentenced to prison and then he escaped. All these guys escape escaped during a prison transfer nine thirty two Breaking out of the joint was apparently a right of passage with these dudes the following year. He rob a bank in Grand Haven Michigan Nelson decides to form and run his own gang of bank robbers in nineteen thirty three on October third. They robbed the first National Bank of brainerd Minnesota during which Nelson why I guess he says he formed his own. He really was. Dillinger's gang so we'll talk about this a little bit but he but he's I don't know maybe like a CO leader and During this bank robbery he just randomly starts a fired. His submachine gun at bystanders. On the street the DECI. Because he's fucking crazy like even amongst other notorious gangsters and he was laughing. All he was doing it was kind of a movie. Just sprayed with bullets is random. People for help helped the robbery. Not at all He had a reputation for being particularly violent and unstable in March nineteen. Thirty four. You partner with dillinger. Another job to rob the security national bank in Sioux falls followed a week later by the first National Bank Mason City Iowa. And after pretty boy floyd was killed. Nelson inherited the designation of public enemy number. One you know A little while later Nelson remained on the run with his wife usually auto camps which were common and thirties auto camps for basically like the precursor to RV parks and motels big. Lots where people just park their car set up a little tent and hang out for a while cheaper than a motel easier for gangster to slip in and out of Nelson was finally cornered and killed by FBI agents in November of nineteen thirty four in a gun battle which two F. B. I. Agents are also killed another insane story. The gun battle begins because baby face. Nelson chases down the FBI officers after spotting on the highway. A fucking insane is at they. Don't chase him down. He chases them down. They tried to from him to FBI agents they get out of here before the gun battle. Nelson speeding down the highway chasing the agents shooting at him. Dude is insane. Toughest Fox survived confrontation. Only die of his wounds at a safe house. A short time later he would be a great suck. You One more. Before we get into dillinger. Maybe the most prolific bandit active. At the time of dillinger. Willie Sutton you'd be actor for a long time after Dylan's nineteen fifty he'd be named the FBI's newly created ten most wanted fugitives did have been robbing banks for over thirty years. By that time he's been four decades. Roughly Robin over one hundred banks steal around two million dollars and acquired two nicknames. The actor and Slick Willy I ingenuity and executive or executing robberies in various disguises fond of expensive clothes sutton was described as being an immaculate dresser known to be a gentleman carrying himself very differently than some of his You know a hothead peers. I've just talked about people. President is robbery. Said he was a quite polite. One victim of robberies said the watching one of Sutton's robberies was like being at the movies accepted the US. You're just happened to have a gun. When asked why he robbed. Banks Sutton supposedly famously said. Because that's where the money's he would later claim he'd never said that he said that a reporter wrote that attributed to him to sell some papers after denying that quote. He did say why he did it. He said why do I rob banks because I enjoyed it or why did I rub eggs? Because I enjoyed it. I loved it. I was more live when I was inside a bank. Robbing it than any other time in my life. I enjoyed everything about it so much. The one two weeks later IBM looking for the next job.

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