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So he had star quality written all over him. And he was a better baseball player. Jackie. Robinson was at that time. Monty was a superstar for the Newark Eagles. Baseball was Jackie's Weakest Sport, which again tells you how talented Jackie Robinson was because he becomes a hall of fame caliber. Baseball player. So there were other guys in the Negro Leagues who a better baseball player. Jackie Robinson. But that that really good may Negro League I didn't get a chance and then there's other superstar guys were too old. You get Saturday when he was reportedly forty two years old. He was likely fifty two at that time because most new will believe is at least ten years older than what he claimed to be and only bill vague would have given. SATCHEL. But some of the other guys from the Negro Leagues. They just didn't get a fair shake. You know a guy like Ray Dandridge who was a tremendous player in the Negro Leagues well when he he gets up to the Minneapolis Millers. And the Minneapolis Millers were the New York giants triple eighteen. Well Dandridge his name MVP of the millers when he was almost thirty eight years old. You know as well as I do they were not going to take a thirty eight year old black man to take a young white kid job it wasn't going to happen out. Okay. How good he was and so yes, he was bitter about it because he would play out playing all these young kids and there was no realistic chance for him to get their. SATCHEL pages may be the single most legendary. Negro Leagues Baseball. Player. One of the most legendary baseball players in any league. and. He's an interesting case to me because. There's besides him. Simply having a record of extraordinary performance particularly when he was younger as a barnstorming player in the Negro. Leagues. There's these two really interesting facets to him as a guy one is he had extraordinary success in the major leagues as a middle aged man. But there's this other thing about him that I think is really interesting which is. As extraordinary as he is player, he's perhaps even more extraordinary as a story like he obviously understood his brand and. He was getting a cut of the game and he knew how to make his his life into a story and was one of the most you know, no pun intended colorful baseball players who who's ever played baby. Right. And that seems to me like it is reflective of a two sided coin, which is on the one hand. There is no doubt that in the Negro Leagues, they were playing a more entertaining form of baseball that was more fun and more exciting, right? On the other hand because. Disaster page. Could strike somebody out with his hat on his foot, throwing it backwards through his legs. Whatever like because these guys could do anything But. Those stories is amazing as they are I think in part became the story of the Negro Leagues and can run the risk of. Diminishing the quality of play in the the extraordinary qualities of the of the business and its significance in American history. And also, in some cases, reinforcing negative stereotypes that white people have propagated about people of Color through American history certainly, you know the like. All smoke no fire, whatever. Voting and so forth, and that's why Jackie had to be the first guy. And again, that doesn't mean that others couldn't have done it. But this was so much more than about baseball ability. And for everything that you just mentioned. Jackie defied the stereotypical depiction of African American athletes..

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