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Them are narcos they have to do it but um so for a future kinda guy it's it's uh more gratifying i guess to do people that i know are going to take the opportunity but uh but i do other people to and had a people get a hold of you you know that cap on my website fox grew up but if they can get through my website um or they can just um i see i do mostly referrals i don't i don't advertise it's uh it's it's kind of old fashion you're not supposed to advertise but um they can try you know they can call me i know it sounds dumb i'm kind of odd about that i it i i it's how i got you you're a specialist it's just like any other specialists yet you need a referral right inner it's you know some not the people have no they have to have a good feeling about whether they get a reading or not i think and people are just curious church like three hundred bucks for reading up for our gotten if somebody just curious that that's a lot you know took charge somebody so um and there's a comment i go out there are these days that just you know there i call them new peace people that are just kinda into it for the first time or maybe you know they've been doing it for five or ten years when they get really excited about do at readings i'm i don't get as excited about doing rating and they used to um so that that's another thing i just i yeah i just a referral network i i know there's you know.

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