Bill, Acorn, Barack Obama discussed on Thom Hartmann


Bill it had language defunding acorn acorn has been dead for years acorn of course the organization that was registering poor people vote can't have that republicans hate that and they're they entered in so many different pieces of legislation back in the day that you you know when obama was president i mean acorn was taken down in the last year of the of the clinton or the the george w bush administration the maybe the year before the last year but in any case but still they've been the this stuff this languages sticks around right because they're you know the the lobbyists rights of legislation the republicans right some legislation or both and it just gets pushed through so anyhow trump trump was like you know he was convinced by mcconnell and ryan has is a good thing let's just go ahead and sign it and then he watches fox and friends this morning and fox and friends are like rose no wall funded in here there's no daca thing and here it looks like the made a fool with donald trump and trump just goes on a rampage tweeting i might i might veto this thing and then of course you know the time comes and he's like well congress has gone and i guess i better do it but it really sucks you know i'm gonna sign it without radio because nobody read it i mean that was the implication of what he said and it's just it's it's a tantrum i mean i i don't know how to say it beyond that it's it's a tantrum he said as crazy as it's been as difficult as has been as much opposition we've seen from the democrats to creating what will be farthest strategists military we ever had i mean he's he's trashing democrats the republicans control the house the republicans control the senate the republicans fed this process every single thing in this bill came to the extent that came out of committee came out of republican committees and he's blaming democrats so that's number one number two rod rosenstein held a press conference this morning in which he announced that the united states has indicted nine rainy ins in.

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