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And i don't know maybe that he can help make the roster moves. Boston has won one title since elevator. Kemba didn't work out. They can't have no talk outdated brown the graphics or some of the crazy training matiz for carson ad words like ours and Words langford taco. Naismith grant william. I mean it's not like they didn't draft any of those graphics. They missed on every single one which is pretty crazy. is out as he deserves to be Which is a good segue. I'm going to miss him. To damian lillard because damian lillard i actually think he might have put up the greatest playoff performance of all time last night. I don't even know if it was playoff performance. I think the words just performance a genuinely think it is. And i actually think that damian lillard performance and this is a to throw the te'o oh right. Now i legitimately think that damian lillard performance last night in the fact that he lost was his pin packing his bags in portland Maybe it was the camel that broke the straws back of aright. Run that back from the straw. That broke the camel's back firefighter. He's like. I've been the loyalty guy all this time. Help help help at. It's just you do that. Like post up fade away. That was wilder than any steph curry run. I've ever seen in my life. It was bizarre while the seventeen from thirty. But i actually think like. He's going to be the next superstar to force himself out it. I think what it did. I don't know if it's the shroud birth camel's back but it unlocked like his go from jail free card right like it's like it's like now now. He can't criticize exactly. If you want to go he can go but dame lillard so. I put up a poll today and i wanted to segue from age. Because he had all those picks in the eighty thing happened. They didn't make the moves. They didn't wanna give up too much. Samina miss danny rice. And so i put. I put paul rj ob tappin. Mitch robinson in four. I and the results were crazy. Like there were looks at it as expensive and like blazer fans who didn't like it people who liked both the trade for both people train for either side and for the knicks. at least it's a lot to give up. It's more than you give up. A d is more than they give up for times. What the for james harden. But it's still at be the right move because you saw tonight trae young. Who was for. Twenty eight still made insane impact on the game. And you're gonna play. That's twice as good as him is offering got there. Let me tell you a better one. But ben simmons matisse into i your about that. No no no. I'm just back. On the. If damian lillard becomes available it's not personal it's was same thing going back with harden. Yeah yeah for sure but the thing is once again if you get. Rj mitch jobe and four. I you know it's clear. Your rj mission will be at this point in their careers are still just as good as getting a draft pick. There's just lottery exactly but you're getting seven. I with ben. And i've said this while bender gadget this time all star but but he's not you know you're getting dream Tawdry not doing this right now. He's not gonna win by himself. So anyways daimler performance absolutely amazing. Hopefully he does well for himself. And i don't think he's in a spotlight jaanus like the blazers aren't a move away in other barely out of the first ones got sign with them right now. Lander they live in oregon. You're not gonna. What are you gonna do get rid of. Cj riddick covington. You made a move for norman powell a by the way i don't think the series is over either but i do think glazer gonna win the series. Yeah i think there's a good chance of that. But i think that there's a really good chance that the sun's pending beating the lakers they kinda can roll through whoever gets thrown in six games so Ah can't bet against him. I can't i mean it's not like he is. He's never won a conference for that. I just can't bet against him in any playoff game in my that. He's the most coach player in the nba. I almost tweeted some really dumb shit last night. like right before performance. I was like. I thought it was dame time. Because he didn't shoot until like two minutes left. And i hit like four threes in the last two minutes. Also thank thank god not to i. We're gonna take a quick break. After the break fans are actually losing their skulls. Kyri garnet. I just a bunch of crazy stuff going on we check him with eagle sin as the leafs do leafs type things.

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