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Rules and restrictions apply because they played everything in this life. Okay. Let's get to this. Saudi journalist, dissident type guy, Jamal Khashoggi what do we know? He's a Saudi guy. He worked for the Washington Post. He lives in the United States briefly, but he had worked previously with the Saudi Royal family, and he walks into the Saudi embassy in Turkey. He doesn't walk out. We also know that I think fifteen members of the Saudi government arrived in Turkey that day they, they left pretty quickly and there are claims that he was killed in the Saudi embassy and chopped up well, still alive. Doesn't sound great the way this is being spun by the mainstream media. First of all is that this is somehow Trump's fault. The Trump needs to do something about this Trump needs to get rid of our agreements with Turkey with regard to selling weapons hundred billion dollar arms deals, whatever as Saudi Arabia rather. So this is how it's being spun. He and the guy Jamal Khashoggi he's being spun as a lead. Left wing progressive liberal pro democracy, reformer guy against the Saudi Royal family, which is not willing to reform and is oppressive. The real truth is far more complicated than that. The first question that you have to ask yourself when you hear about this story is why am I supposed to care? Why am I supposed to care that the Saudi government took out this guy that took out this former. He formerly worked with them. I guess Jamal Khashoggi was aligned with other with another faction of the Saudi Royal family than the one that is currently in power under Mohammed bin Salman. So you know a guy whose political fortunes of changed has been killed by the Saudi government. Why am I supposed to care about that? I don't mean to sound callous or cold ordered or anything like that, but we know that the Saudi Royal family commits heinous acts all the time and has for decades and decades. We know that it's one of the most repressive regimes on earth. Why. Why am I supposed to care about this one? They do it all of the time. Mike question for those who would call us callous for asking that question is why don't you care about the the beheadings that are happening all the time, the clamping down on political dissidents. Why don't you care about that? Why is it this one in particular, I, I'm not. I don't really understand what new information is being conveyed by this killing of a dissident guy. Is there anything new if we had our arms deal with Saudi Arabia, two weeks ago, why would we change it now? It's not like the government has changed its stripes. If anything, the government is getting a little less repressive. They're liberalizing certain laws. They're letting women drive for the first time in a very long time. They're opening up certain movie theaters little little freedoms are being opened up even economic freedoms. They're now starting to do a little bit of business with Israel, and that is the biggest issue that's actually where this gets down to, and it shows that Jamal Khashoggi being put up by the left wing as this messianic figure. Or you know this, this progressive secular westerner is of was far from them. So what does this actually proved to me proves to me that if you pal around with jihadists, things aren't going to turn out very well, that's that's the only conclusion I can draw from this because we know that Jamal Kagi palled around with his Llamas for decades. And by the way, now the left now that we're pointing this out that this guy palled around with Islamist radicals even with some bin Laden. Now that people are pointing this out. The left is saying, this is a smear campaign by right wingers trying to defend President Trump's relationship with the Saudis. Vernon Trump didn't develop the US relationship with the Saudi Royal family. We've had it for a very long time, but to call a smear merchants, it's it's not the right wing, which is coming up with these connections between Khashoggi and terrorists in HAMAs terrorists in Asia terrorists like Osama bin Laden of this has been known for decades and actually it's left wing papers to horizon in Israel is reporting on all of this, so don't really buy any of that. What do we know? We know that Yamaoka shaggy was in his Llamas, he's he was a lifelong member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He favored radical aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood. We know that he was a regime insider as well. So not..

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