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With letting him walk your dog? But maybe not much else. There is your opinion. Or is your estimate of Powell changing as these kind of additional statements and directions come out. I don't think Powell's over going to change in order for him to meet my needs. He'd have to go back to college. Get a degree in economics instead of the law that he has with what that would do is that would enable him to have a deep. For more sophisticated understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of what he does number one and number two to speak the language of Wall Street. I want to really focus your your your audience on the real issue with him that makes him such an unusual fed chairman. You know, I'm I'm generally a supporter of Trump's economic policies. But I think Trump made a mistake in the way that he chose to stretch here. I believe that Trump chose dispatcher because he would be politically loyal, and you remember Trump got himself a lot of trouble by supposedly asking former FBI had Komi. Will you be loyal to me? Will you be loyal to me? Right. Lots of evidence. He asked the same question to all the people who's gonna he was interesting. And you know, some of them have written about that experience. And I think Powell among all the candidates was the one who said, yes, sir. And so he got the job sensible qualifications. How far back? Do we have to go to find somebody like Powell in terms of you know, that sort of relationship with an administration? Yes. Well, sadly, you you have to go back to the late seventy s during the presidency of Jimmy Carter Carter had the honor of both hiring. And then fifteen months later firing g William Miller. Absolutely. The worst fed chair in the world, not an economist also politically loyal and the guy who's responsible for the great hyper inflation of the seventies and early eighties. So, you know, I'm not saying this in order to get people to fear. Brantley control. Quite the contrary. I'm I'm I'm saying this with people won't think that Powell is some kind of. Hawk who's gonna come in and say, well, you know, you need to take your medicine we need to have good recession to shake out. And he's just not that guy. Don, as always, you're awesome..

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