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Using a petit table to beat up Lashley. Yeah, pretty bad. Yeah, very bad. I had priests backwards rock bottom, whatever it was. That's what I had. I don't finish. He did like three moves and you're like, which one is this finisher? Did razor's edge like a chokeslam? Even his choke slams really good. That could be a finished edge could be a finisher, but no, it's a shitty rock bottom. Yeah. The research edge is a great move that we haven't seen in 20 years. If Owens can do the stunt or anybody can do anyone's move. Right. I had the kendo stick. The first kendo stick hit around is just like waiting for it. Go ahead and do it. Yeah. Best move? The pop up neck breaker from J to riddle. That was nice. That was good. Yeah. I had when Seth had riddle on the top rope, and it was like, not a regular suplex, he was like, he lifted him kind of frontwards, and went all the way over. That's what he did to Cody. Yeah. And then he at WrestleMania, he did it twice. Right. But yeah, from the top ropes, I was like, that's so cool. I had the midair RKO at the end of raw. So yeah, I just had the arca party party at the end. RKO party. Worst moment or segments. I got shanky watching Drew McIntyre, break out of genders, headlock, took forever. He's just standing there. Yeah. Yeah, it didn't really make much sense. Did you guys have? I had arm wrestling. I had 24/7. Yeah. God. Oh, jeez. I guess arm wrestling. Yeah. Never goes well. And then best moments, RKO channeling his inner Oprah and delivering RKO to everybody. Nice. You get an arcade. Very, very nice. I like to single down one moment. Again, that was a really nice ending to celebrate Orton, but just when Cody came out at the beginning of the show. And then when they hugged the crowd kind of went crazy. I thought that was a really cool moment. For me, it was Asuka's music hitting music. Even though I knew it was coming, here comes Oscar's the only one that makes sense to interrupt this, but I still like seeing Asuka. And I was like hoping I was like, oh, please don't have the stupid eye makeup. Please don't have the crying and then she still had it. I was like, damn it. Yeah. Yeah. Would have been great, but you've been waiting a long time. Have been, yeah. Yeah. All right, well for you. Thanks for coming on again. You don't want to shout anyone out special. Shout outs. Special shout outs. Or any state. Anything you want to mention, are you a real estate agent right now and have an Instagram you want people to follow? Jesus. No, just my kids, man. Love you, ladies. Nice. That's awesome. And hopefully they're listening right now to this. Just to this part. They'll definitely listen to it in the morning whenever I take them to school. Well, thanks for undertaker and your kids for coming up with it. That's awesome. Appreciate it, man. Thank you so much. We'll talk to you later. Thanks. All right. Very cool guy. Yes. This is very interesting. You want to do awards with us? Do the Hall of Fame here on Patreon dot com slash maybe one day we'll have like crappy plastic rings made or something. Maybe. Yeah. What's wrong with wrestling Hall of Fame? Yeah, it'll mean more than the WWE hall. It will. Well, actually make a, we'll get a fake head and then just take a picture of you and just paste it on the head. Yeah, there you go. I mean, we've got a lot of wall real estate over there. We can put pictures of everyone. Sure. Yeah. All of our Hall of Fame members, exactly. All right, breaking news, the New York Post reports that pat McAfee is in talks with Amazon to be a part of Thursday Night Football. Oh my God. So that's gonna be tough to do both. He'd have to fly around back to back days. But I hope he gets it because that would be amazing. And he does this. That's podcast every day. That's a bigger deal than wrestling. Yeah. He'd have to leave WWE, I think, maybe for that. I mean, he does this podcast every day, too. Yeah. Every day he does one? He's a busy guy. Monday through Friday. Wow. He's busy. Huh. Also, if you see my post in that, I was in a bathroom in Austin last night. Mexican restaurant. I tagged wrong wrestling. It was like they were just showing it was like making fun of it was like, they would just put Elle behind an English word. Right. Student loan and stuff like this. And it's just said Elle podcast and I had a guy like sitting on a table and had yeah, I don't think there's a Spanish word for podcasts. Right. Podcasts. Yeah. Pat buck recently quit WWE and has now confirmed that he's with AEW. Yeah. That was a producer. Yeah. Confirmed via Twitter. He tweeted life is short, works somewhere awesome. Good for him. So I guess WWE was not an awesome place to work. Gee, imagine that. Yeah. What do you got, Eric? I didn't have anything to do. Okay, then. Rumored time. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Balor club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. Converse. So did you hear about this? Oh, yeah. I have not heard this. So there's a new, you know, if you guys have been following the Amber Heard Johnny Depp. Little bit, just whatever social media shows, yeah. Yeah, well, there's a new hot rumor that Amber Heard cheated on Johnny Depp with a WWE Hall of Famer. Have you seen this error? Well, I listened to is this trivia? Okay. The AEW show. Yeah, okay. Well, not this hot rumor, but something about I'm guessing they're now an AW. Was that my hint? No. No? No. Uh oh. Is it related to AEW anymore? Hulk Hogan. Nope. No. Is in 2014. Think like movies, miss? No. See a whole paper. I'm sorry. I'm just trying to think of the year. You said movies. The Rock, he was married. Close. I don't know, Roman Reigns. I'm no idea. Kevin Nash, Kevin Nash. Oh, that makes sense. Yeah. Sure, sure sure sure sure. We'll reveal. Text revealed that deaf was upset that his wife at the time was at a magic Mike rap party until 5 a.m. and there's a picture of Nash and her together at that party and they're like, I mean, they're posing for a picture, but they're all over each other in this photo. She's like doing one of these. Hand.

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