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A negative test to the isolation restrictions for Americans with the coronavirus It's 1138 Traffic and weather on the 8s Let's go to rich hunter in the traffic center All right we'll start off in Virginia Michelle three 95 southbound for the moment The ramp to go toward duke street middle river turnpike still blocked its exit three As a result of crash cleanup vehicles of X have been towed away However the vdot truck the safety service guy is actually picking up his cone so until he's completed that you still can not make that exit as a result and some folks are slowing down trying to figure out if they can get around the state trooper Best not to try that just be careful and again you can continue down to edsel road and work your way back up via three 95 north to duke's free delivery of return fight You can also self diverted seminary road work your way down toward duke her little river that way as well just be extra careful approaching that exit ramp In Maryland up in Montgomery county bright damn road remains closed between your Hampshire and boldly drive nuts until further notice the tree came down and knocked out some power lines then cruiser on scene but that may be closed for some time to come over the next several hours We will keep you posted over in Clinton and prince Georges county with a crash on piscataway road just east to temple hill road You're under police direction there at last check Pizza brunch cocktails WTF listeners voted match box at the top 5 restaurant in these three categories Visit matchbox restaurants dot com for the location nearest to find out what you've been missing Rich hundred W chippy traffic Storm team four meteorologist beana Berman solo is joining us live now and she's been watching this winter storm as it approaches our region.

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